Hawaiian Punch (AAA)


Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Relaxing
May Relieve: Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Epilepsy, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Stress
Aromas: Citrus, Sweet, Tropical

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It is believed to be a powerful native of the Hawaiian islands, but its precise genetics, including the sativa to indica ratio, remains a mystery. The nature of its Hawaiian origin is murky. THC levels can exceed 23%, which makes this a particularly effective medical choice. CBD substance on the other hand, is not well documented, so Hawaiian Punch is not recommended as the only method of therapy for seizure disorders. Effective treatment is known for anxiety, nausea, migraine headaches, stress, depression, and mood disorders. The high is said to be deeply euphoric and cheerful, with a good dose of imagination and a clear outlook. The most frequent negative effects of Hawaiian Punch are paranoia and cottonmouth, though dry eyes, dizziness and headaches are also possible. The strain has a smooth, sweet taste with hints of the tropics. The flavor is spicy. The nugs are dense and forest green, with a dense frost of resinous trichomes. Outside of its home state, Hawaii’s Punch is the most common on the West Coast of the United States and Canada.

32 reviews for Hawaiian Punch (AAA)

  1. BuDsTeR

    This stuff is very nice and actually fuckin smells like hawaiian punch smells great! Very nice daytime smoke

  2. arvin1337

    Great day time smoke. Had a good energy for creativity and positivity. Just felt happy with this one. Smells fruity, nice dense nugs, and taste like subtle fruit punch. Recommend for a day time smoke if you don’t want a couch lock indica, can function and enjoy at the same time.

  3. 604girl

    Tasty! Trimmed well, nice solid large buds…these guys are spot on re: their grade system….I LOVE TOPSHELBC….really fast shipping, excellent quality… the only mom I use now because honestly they are the best mom going and I’ve used hundreds…These guys saved me from the blah chemical sleeping pills I used to have to take and I am living my best life now. Thank you thank you thank you!! Highly recommended

  4. andrew mclean

    A little bit better than the gelato cookies on the bag appeal, nose and taste. Another 10/10 from the top shelf boys

  5. Puck

    Good taste but the potency wasn’t that much compared to other strains here. Guess we’re all different

  6. KK

    I have ordered this twice now and will probably get it again. Nice big frosty nugs. Tastes great in a vape and as potent as most of the other much more expensive sativas strains out there. If you are a sativa fan you should try this.

  7. thanksespan

    very nice manicured solid medium – small sized buds. sweet but pungent aroma. white ash. a very clear cerebral high with no couch lock

  8. Michael Elmourne

    Very nice sativa. I got this one as a sample, very good overall. Fruity nose and taste. I’ll be back for more.

  9. PotatoeFry

    Small and medium nugs! Great daytime effects and cool berry taste. Nose smells like punch which I find a treat. The only thing I wished for was for it to be stickier but apparently that’s the case with the new batch!

  10. vanjhagen

    Real nice strain, good potency, smoothness and taste on the last batch, nice daytime high but if you smoke a little extra you can get a good night high.

  11. HockeyBalboa

    Not a sativa fan but loved this one

  12. nicholas.gardiner1

    My go-to strain here on Top Shelf BC, great smell, amazing bag appeal, great taste, and nice sativa high.

  13. Highpocket

    Amazing satvia strain.
    smells was wonderful right outta the bag sweet sorta citrus. buds were a lil fluffy but nice and sticky, still managed to bit up nice in the grinder. joint burnt nice and slow pretty smooth smoke. amazing taste in my solo 2. perfect clear headed daytime smoke. 8.5/10

  14. 4everrollin

    Mostly medium with some large and some small sized nugs in my oz. Fluffy bud structure. Good moisture content. Smooth smoke that leaves a salt and pepper ash. Great buzz.

  15. thomas.k420

    Simply delicious man ..head high mellow type ..but starts with a boost of energy..want more

  16. Allan Rash

    I’m not usually big on Sativa strains but this one is amazing! Very potent, clean burn and flavourful smoke. Effects and aroma are exactly as described!

  17. Dave

    Absolutely loved this one! Nice tight buds with good smell and smooth burn. Nice Sativa high if you don’t smoke too much. If so the come down can be very relaxed . Another great one from Topshelfbc.

  18. Joshua hefford

    This stuff is great, worth

  19. wynonaguiboche78

    Ordered this twice and I really enjoyed it both times, nice mellow high and a great smell. Very smooth burn, and makes you feel like getting up and doing something fun or creative!

  20. Fadi Al Shikh

    he buds were nicely cured just a little rough looking but this was rated a AAA. High is fairly potent and hits quick to the head. Would consider buying again in the future.

  21. Hannah Huhtala

    Helps with my anxiety

  22. Stephen Allard

    Holy thud buster! This was some delicious sticky ass delicious sativa. Had some nice purple through out the bud. Taste and smell was the fruitalicious bomb . My 7g was one massive nug. Swift delivery aswell Thanks

  23. bigjerk007

    cant go wrong, so nice, little on the dry side but no biggie. Awesome nugs and great smell. Order 2 z’s if ya ca, you wont be dissapointed.

  24. rustyrusko

    Pungent in a tart/fruity kind of way & good flavour. Very dry tho

  25. Cedric

    Very great taste and good burn. Only downside would be the dryness on arrival. Nothing a humidity pack didn’t fix.

  26. Phillip Levesque

    Was the best i got, don’t esitate this one will get you where you want to go hahaha

  27. Lou 420

    This is a powerful sativa.
    Smells fruity tuna
    And tastes the same.
    I’m a kush/indica guy and I smoked 2 bong hits of this and 20 minutes later I found myself anxious for no reason so I went for a walk and 2 hours later I ended up back at home.
    You have to be active with this and not sitting around and best of all there was no burnout.
    Not for the novice smoker but if you love sativas I definitely reccomend this one.

  28. CW

    I usually don’t smoke sativas but was pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s potent but still has a very energetic and functional high. The whole OZ consisted of ~6 dense nugs with a strong fruity smell. Definitely worth a try.

  29. your-snow

    very nice nose to it. burns well. lasts a long time.

  30. topboymontreal


  31. David

    Definitely a sativa high, if you want to get your body moving and feel a rush of enjoyment out of it, this is the smoke. Great tropical fruity smell and pineapple taste. Can strongly appreciate receiving 2ozs worth of 8 sticky 7 gram buds in a qp.

  32. bigjerk007

    Very nice, but liked the last bag I got a bit better – stronger taste nose. But good none the less. Great bag appeal – uge chunky buds, nice and dry – Thanks guys.

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