AAAA Weed is One of the Highest Quality Cannabis Strain Around

Otherwise known as Quads, AAAA weed is the second highest graded level in the weed grading system, sitting well on the top shelf. This is good quality weed and ranks high in bud size, trichome, CBD/THC content, terpenoid and aesthetics content. Its buds are thick and well-groomed, and everything looks clean and well packed.

Buy AAAA Weed for the Best Cannabis Experience

AAAA weed has a pungent and dank aroma, and pleasing with a well-developed taste and a smooth, consistent burn. It has an overall coloration of purple of orange and has no harsh aftertaste—a good sign of quality weed. Although it has not reached perfection, it does come close with almost the same qualities as AAAA grade cannabis. You can now buy AAAA weed (quad weed) online in Canada! Top Shelf BC is the best place to buy AAAA weed online. We make it an easy, enjoyable and safe experience.

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Showing 1–16 of 35 results