Buy Weed Online in Northwest Territories

Buy Weed Online in Northwest Territories

Also known as Les Territoires du Nord-Ouest in French, Denendeh in the Athapascan languages and Nunatsiaq in Inuinnaqtun, the Northwest Territories is the second most sizeable of the three territories in Northern Canada. For the curious, Yellowknife is the capital as the most populated settlement. This beautiful landscape has a long, deep history and rich culture. Just like the other provinces in Canada, it has its own regulations and laws governing the sale and use of marijuana for both recreational and medical use.

Weed Laws in the Northwest Territories

In the Northwest Territories, weed was legalized in October 2018 as it was in the rest of Canada. Medical marijuana for personal use became legal in 2001. The laws for the Northwest Territories in terms of buying cannabis both in shops and from an online dispensary are quite strict. You need to be 19 or over, and if you are buying from a physical shop, you’ll need government-issued ID, particularly if you look under 25. You are allowed to grow 4 plants for personal use per household although the seeds must come from the Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission only in order to be legal. They must also not be easily accessible to anyone outside of the household – a locked room is suggested in order to limit access.

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Where Can You Buy Weed in the Northwest Territories?

All legal marijuana sales in the Northwest Territories are regulated by the Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission governing body (the NTLCC) that controls both alcohol and cannabis. All stores must be licensed with this body and in terms of selling cannabis online, the NTLCC is the only e-commerce store in the territory. This makes it the only legal online dispensary. There is the possibility for stores run by private enterprises to sell cannabis in the future but this more enterprise-centered level of access is not yet a reality.

Why Buy Marijuana in the Northwest Territories?

All of the hoops and regulations might seem like a series of hurdles at first but it has resulted in a safe secure system for selling cannabis, be it in physical stores or through the NTLCC website. In addition, you can be sure that all of the weed sold has met the very strict governmental standards for safety and quality – the best quality stamp that you can think of! The weed sold in the Northwest Territories is guaranteed to be the best that you can get thanks to the network of licensed stores across the territory.

What Weed Can You Buy Online in the Northwest Territories?

Three strains stand out in particular as among the most popular in Northwest Territories. We’ve provided some more information on them so then you can see what we mean.

Ice Wreck is a knockout of a hybrid that combines Ice and Trainwreck, exclusively from Crop King Seeds. Pairing the cerebral high of a sativa with deep body indica stone, this is a balanced strain that is best for people who have a little bit of experience with weed under their belt.

Green Crack is a powerful sativa resulting in a sharp sense of focus and invigorating energy. With a mango flavor and energizing profile, it is a good daytime strain. It also helps to combat fatigue, stress and depression. Given the negative connotations due to the name, this may be sold under the names Cush or Green Cush.

Trapstar is an Indica bred by Exotic Genetix from the lines of LA OG Kush and The Cube. With a distinct scent that combines notes of petrol, fuel and cherries, it is nothing if not memorable and is floral on the palate. It is a semi-sedative strain best for use after work or on days when you want to kick back and relax.

Convenience and Accessibility with the NTLCC E-commerce Shop

When it comes to convenience, ordering marijuana in the Northwest Territories has a range of options available to suit any discerning buyer’s schedule and budget. For those who have tie around work, there are numerous licensed physical stores available. For those who might work hours that make getting to a brick-and-mortar store less practical, that is where the online dispensaries come into play.

All NTLCC e-commerce shop orders are delivered by Canada Post in scent-hiding, tamper-proof packaging. It is required that you are present to sign for the package when it arrives as you will need to present proof of your age and your governmental ID upon delivery. That said, depending on your personal circumstances, you can have someone else wait at home and accept your delivery for you so long as they also have a valid NW territories government ID and are over the age of 19.

Mail Order Marijuana in the Northwest Territories

Covid-19 has changed the circumstances for everyone worldwide. When it comes to how the pandemic has impacted on buying weed, the best thing to do is to keep up to date with the provincial government regulations. In store, social distancing is being implemented in addition to mask wearing.

The NTLCC e-commerce shop has a range of 8 – 10 products available to choose from. While the physical stores have the potential to stock a lot more, the online shop limits itself to only selling cannabis products from High Park Farms. When buying from the NTLCC e-shop, you are required to first verify your age using your government-issued ID and the shop will only deliver within the NW Territories area.