When it comes to buying weed online in Canada, Top Shelf BC has over 15 years of experience and a dedication to providing only the highest quality cannabis products available. We are customer-focused and strive to make your experience of buying weed online as streamlined as possible. As a top-rated online mail order marijuana dispensary, we offer you the most premium quality cannabis products such as flower, edibles, concentrates, and vapes and more at affordable prices.


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How To Order Weed Online From Top Shelf BC – Mail Order Marijuana

Ordering weed online from Top Shelf BC is easy. We are proud to have made the process accessible across multiple platforms and simple to understand, meaning that more people can come to us to buy their cannabis products online.


Sign up for an account with us. This is quick and simple. We don’t require any more details from you than the bare minimum needed for you to place an order and get your product delivered.


Decide on what you want to purchase. We stock a wide range of edibles,flowers , concentrates and mushrooms there is bound to be something for everyone.

Make Payment

Pay securely. Our site boasts sturdy protection certificates to keep your card details and related data safe.


Your product will be packaged discretely and shipped by Canada Post Xpresspost. We will provide you with a tracking number so then you can follow your mail order marijuana every step of the way.


This type of cannabis is commonly taken by those who want to sink into a state of total relaxation in every limb. This reduces stress overall and can take your worries and fatigue away. Because of its relaxing effects, it is suggested to use this type of cannabis at night. It is particularly recommended for people who have trouble sleeping, be it due to insomnia, pain or other associated sleep issues.



Contrary to the deep all-body relaxation that comes with the use of indica strains, sativas are known for increasing the feeling of creativity, enhancing focus and lessening anxiety. This is more of a mind-centered high in terms of how and where you will feel the effects. Given its stimulating nature, it is recommended to use this during the day.



Hybrid strains are just that – they combine the head-focused high effects of sativas with the bodily relaxation of indicas. This is ideal for people who really want to sooth any fatigue and worries while also clearing the mind ready to focus fresh on something new. Hybrids are expertly tailored to result in strains with specific effects. Useful strain vocabulary to familiarize yourself with when it comes to hybrids includes sativa-dominant (full, bodily relaxation), indica-dominant (boosting creativity, increasing mood and lessening anxiety) and balanced (the best of both worlds).


When it comes to what makes us the foremost online marijuana dispensary in Canada, we could wax lyrical about our positive qualities. Instead, to make this information clearer, we’ve highlighted the six prioritized features that we feel makes us a cut above the rest.


Whether it is answering any questions you have before making a purchase, helping out with the buying process itself or taking your feedback under consideration, we are proud to provide high quality customer service that makes you – the customer – the most important person in the transaction.


When it comes to security, we only keep what details are necessary for you to have an account with us and make an order. When it comes to shipping your mail order marijuana out, we use only tamper-proof and discrete packaging so then what you’ve purchased is your business only.


All of our cannabis products are tested to ensure that they are the highest quality possible. We work with expert suppliers and are always revising what makes a quality cannabis product to ensure that we have only the best available.


If your mail order marijuana becomes lost, stolen, or damaged during transit, we will send you a replacement completely free of charge. Free Canada Post Xpress shipping on all orders over $120


We are continually adjusting what we supply and our prices to ensure that we maintain an optimal balance of affordable and quality for our products. We invest in the best quality strains that we can find and are always on the lookout for new, affordable and high quality weed products.


With over 15 years in the weed business, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of. You can guarantee that we have your best interests in mind. Feel free to check out our reviews.


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