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Euphoria Extractions Sativa Shatter Bars are made with real, lab-tested full spectrum extracts sourced from some of the finest quality buds available in Canada. After many years of experimentation and toying around with ingredients, extraction methods and even specific strains used, Euphoria Extractions has created what they’ve deemed to be the tastiest, most potent and consistent THC infused chocolate bar available. Using butane hash oil, or shatter allows users to soak up all the plentiful benefits from a full-spectrum of cannabinoids, making for a deeper, more enjoyable experience. These bars are precisely infused with 250mg of THC and contain nothing but real, wholesome ingredients – say bye bye to poorly portioned, unsafe and underdosed cannabis edibles! Shatter your expectations with Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars!

8 reviews for Euphoria Extractions – Shatter Bars – Sativa

  1. Hesley J (verified owner)

    These chocolate bars are absolutely perfect. A couple of squares in an evening are just enough to help me relax and chill for the night. The chocolate is quite strongly flavoured and is long lasting and the chocolate flavour is great. The price per dose for myself at least is fantastic:)

  2. Jeremy H (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several edibles and have never had the taste experience or the consistency that the Shatter Bar sativa provides and very easy to dose as well. Everyone needs to try a shatter chocolate bar for sure. I highly recommend it!!

  3. Adrian J (verified owner)

    I have been using the Shatter bars for over a year now for help with me with energy issues. They give me a nice euphoria high which last me all day with no after effects. I highly recommend this product ! Will definitely buy again.

  4. Marcus J (verified owner)

    These shatter bars offer consistent dosing, and the fact that they’re full spectrum make them an excellent option for pain relief. Tastes great. Best price for what you get. Top quality product 10/10 will buy again!

  5. Hilam (verified owner)

    Usually not a fan of the chocolates, this one has won me over. Great smooth flavour and a nice long lasting high. Works very well and gives me a nice euphoria. Love it. Dosing is super consistent. Best price for the amount you get. Doesn’t go bad.

  6. Zack (verified owner)

    This is always my go-to. I’ve tried many edibles and this is my favourite by far! Love the mellow high the this bar provides. I also actually really enjoy the taste! Has a hint of weed but it really balances out with the creaminess of the chocolate. It is fantastic for getting to a relaxed state and allows for a wonderful nights sleep.

  7. Liam J (verified owner)

    My overall experience was fantastic. It’s an incredible product that I have bought several times. Not only is Topshelf an incredible company and the items are delivered on time, but they also do a very good job packaging. The product itself is 5/5 stars and is very enjoyable.

  8. Joan G (verified owner)

    It was a wonderful experience! Most edibles don’t work for me, this bar sure did. Had a great sleep, no waking up, felt wonderful in the morning, that taste pretty good as well . Recommend to everyone, try these bars!

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