At TopShelfBC, we want our members to feel appreciated for their continued support! You can earn cash back in points to use towards future orders by making purchases, posting reviews and referring your friends to our shop.

To join our program, simply create an account with us and you can view your points in the Points Dashboard once you are logged in. Points can be redeemed at checkout with any order at any time.


For every 1$ you spend, you will receive 1 point.
50 points is equivalent to 1$
Example : If you have made a purchase of $1000, you will receive 1000 points and these points are valued at $20


Review our products and potentially earn $20!

We are currently offering $10 worth of points for EACH review you post on the following platforms:

1. Reddit (r/MOMpics) ($10)
2. Google Review ($10)

Make sure you follow proper format for reviews on that particular platform. 1-2 sentences will not work!

For every review you leave on our website you will automatically get $1 in points.

Once you have posted the reviews, link us your reviews by emailing us at and we’ll send points to your account once it is verified!
*There is a limit of ONE review per platform, per order. The products must be purchased to be eligible for points.

Refer a Friend:

Invite your friends to Top Shelf BC via email or by sharing your referral link (found here). Your referrals will receive $25 off their first purchase at checkout and you will receive 25$ in points upon completion of their first purchase!
*In order to be eligible for referral credits, referrals must place a minimum order of $80