Buy Weed Online in Saskatchewan

Buy Weed Online in Saskatchewan

When it comes to buying weed online in Canada, Saskatchewan is the place to go. For the curious, it is a province made up of prairies and forested boreal tundra with no natural boundaries. It is also entirely landlocked. It was occupied for thousands of years by various Indigenous populations before the first Europeans arrived in 1690. It wasn’t until 1774 that it was first colonized and it became a province in 1905. For the most part, the majority of the population lives in the more prairie-like southern half of the province territory.

Weed Laws in Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, like the rest of Canada, weed was legalized in October 2018. The medical use of weed was legal as of 2001. Saskatchewan actually beat the official passing of the law to the punch by already having a framework for regulation prepared by March 2018.

Cannabis in Saskatchewan is overseen by Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Association (SLGA). The rules are much the same as in the other less strict provinces – 30g for personal use at point of purchase and when traveling, 4 plants per household and 19 years of age minimum. The rules were originally going to be a lot stricter but they were loosened at the time of it being made legal.

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Where Can You Buy Weed in Saskatchewan?

Cannabis in Saskatchewan is sold in both physical shops and online dispensaries. Regardless of whether it is sold in an online dispensary or offline, all privately-run commercial outlets are regulated by the SLGA through a system of permits and licensing. There are around 43 retail outlets in the province with at least one store per town – no traipsing to the next couple of towns over to find what you need! Regina, as the capital, has over 10 stores. This means that you aren’t likely to be very far from an outlet, no matter where you are. Saskatoon, as the largest city in Saskatchewan, also boasts a similarly high number of stores and online dispensaries.

Why Buy Marijuana in Saskatchewan?

When it comes to dispensaries and stores alike, all of the legal cannabis outlets in Saskatchewan are run by the SLGA. This centralization and licensing/permit system means that all cannabis is tested, traced and regulated – so sub-standard strains here! This includes mandatory electronic inventory management inclusive of complete transactions, the inventory itself and the tracking of all sales. Any sub-standard cannabis that does make it into circulation can therefore be swiftly recalled. All e-commerce and retail shops must make monthly reports. This has resulted in a public/private hybrid system model that results in high-quality varied strains and products being available, something definitely worth buying when it comes to anyone seeking cannabis, be it for medical or recreational purposes.

What Weed Can You Buy Online in Saskatchewan?

While what each store – online or otherwise – carries will vary according to the store, three weed strains in particular stand out from the rest.

Nuken is an Indica of Canadian origin resulting from the hybridization of God Bod and Shiskaberry lineages. Its effects include a near-smooth balance between calming and euphoria. It is particularly recommended for and by those who like to actively socialize and engage in their hobbies while enjoying weed. It also relieves anxiety for those looking to use it for medicinal purposes. It is said to have a sweet scent with a flavor that combines grass and herbs, which is appropriate given what it is!

Gelato is a cannabis hybrid resulting from the combination of the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbert strains. It pairs relaxation and a euphoric high while keeping you productive, creative and mentally agile – this is an ideal strain for anyone looking for a lighter high to help them relax and do what they genuinely want to do with their time after work. It also helps to relieve insomnia, fatigue and pain. True to its namesake, it has a dessert-like aroma.

Trainwreck is much like the name sounds – the hybrid high is said to hit you like a train, that’s how potent it is! It is a combination of Mexican and Thai Sativas with Afghani Indicas originating from Northern California. It has a sweet lemon and pine scent that pairs well with the creativity, euphoria and happiness commonly reported by appreciators of the strain. It is often used to lessen the effects of PTSD, ADHD/ADD and anxiety.

Convenience and Accessibility with an Online Cannabis Dispensary in Saskatchewan

When it comes to convenience, ordering marijuana in Saskatchewan has a range of options available to suit any buyer’s schedule and budget. For those who have 9 – 5 jobs that give you some wiggle room before, after and during your lunch break, there are the numerous physical stores available. For those who might work hours or days that make getting to a brick-and-mortar shop less practical, that is where the licensed online weed stores come into play. Delivery requires you to have a valid Saskatchewan delivery address available.

Mail Order Marijuana in Saskatchewan

Mail order marijuana in Saskatchewan is pretty simple. For one thing, you are spoilt for choice in terms of online retailers. Do your homework first and make sure that they are regulated and have a permit from the SLGA. Nothing spoils a high faster than finding out that you’ve engaged in something illegal. All marijuana online dispensaries are duty-bound to keep your information confidential and to keep things as smooth as possible. Who does the delivery in terms of the postal service or a courier may vary according to the company but any retailer worth their salt will ship their weed in tamper-free sealed packaging that is both discreet and scent-dampening. Keep an eye out for retailers that offer free shipping if you purchase a certain amount.

In the current Covid-19 circumstances, mail order marijuana is even more of an optimal choice. In the physical stores, remember to keep at least 2 meters of distance between you and others at all times and wear a mask.