Mix & Match Cannabis – 4 ounces or more

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Select any 4 or more strains and enjoy massive discounts!

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Mix and Match Cannabis – 4 ounces or more

Choose any 4 or more strains and enjoy massive discounts!  Choose any strain you want!  Best prices in Canada

11 reviews for Mix & Match Cannabis – 4 ounces or more

  1. Harry Tonks

    if you have insomnia, mix Sunset Sherbet, Hawaiian Punch, Pink Tuna and Master Kush and I promise you’d have the best sleep ever. This as been my go-to for the past month

  2. Henry Stones

    one thing I really love about this product is that there is a strain for everything, there are strains that help with insomnia, anxiety, depression, anorexia etc. so you get to select a mixture that meets your needs and also get a discount. isn’t that just amazing!

  3. Tristan Morgan

    – I have had no bad experience with this product. It helps me deal with every day stress and anxiety. I get to select my own mix and I get the best high that suits me. I have mixed and combined different strains and I can say they are all great.

  4. Tom Hopps

    all the strains in this mix burn smoothly and don’t leave a bad after taste in the mouth, and the high you get can’t even be described but you’re definitely in for a good time!

  5. Paul Scott

    very beautiful buds in all the strains and it has a sweet flavor when you smoke it even after mixing different strains. The effect is mind blowing, the high THC level be can be easily felt. It’s definitely worth every cent

  6. Patrick Michaels

    this is the best deal ever; you get to combine multiple strains and get a discount. the most amazing thing is that all the strains in the mix match quarter pound are extremely good so get ready to have an out of the world experience.

  7. Scott Douglas

    ever since my friend introduced me to this, I’ve been coming back for more. I leave with different strain combinations every time I come here and I can totally agree that they’re all perfect and worth every penny. The discount is also an advantage.

  8. Tasha Boyd

    – if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to make magic, this is your chance! Every strain you select for your mix has the potential of giving you a magical experience. So, basically, you can’t do no wrong with your combination.

  9. Jamal Turner

    – i suffer from severe anxiety and depression. i also suffer from an eating disorder. i use cannabis as a treatment and it truly helps me. I’m so thankful for this product that lets me combine multiple strains that are very potent and it’s also very impressive that I get a discount when I select 4 or more strains.

  10. Sophie Balder

    the best thing about this is that I get to mix multiple strains and I get the best high ever. I kind of feel like a creative when I’m mixing and combining these strains lol

  11. tss


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