Kush Berry (AAA)


Effects: Creative, Focus, Happy, Sociable
May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Stress
Aromas: Blueberry, Dank, Earthy, Herbal, Sweet

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Kush Berry is also popularly referred to as Berry Kush. It is a 100% indica dominant strain with THC content that offers a high that is quite powerful. Kush Berry is cross between OG Kush and Blueberry, it has large buds. With some more highlighted tones, the buds are dark green in color. Overall, the buds look the same throughout and are a good looking strain nonetheless. There is no doubt that it will catch your eye almost immediately. The smell is very earthy and woodsy with citrus undertones. But the taste is out of this world, very floral and aromatic thus making it an enjoyable strain. The strain offers something for everyone. It is a strain that needs to be tried by almost any individual looking for an effective medicating strain. Kush Berry in particular will not only make you feel great but you will feel better than you could have ever felt before. On the other hand it is equally beneficial for patients that have issues with stress, pain and sleeping.

16 reviews for Kush Berry (AAA)

  1. thafunkjunkie

    Right away opening the bag I got hit in the face with a strong mix of both Kush and Blueberry. Smells delicious.

    Great bag appeal on this one, Almost all super dense medium sized nugs. Very well trimmed. Lots of frost

    Buds are a bit dry but nothing a boveda won’t cure. Ended up weighing out big. Rolls up nice. And the smell translates well to the flavor on the one. Kush & Blueberry. Delicious Ash burns clean.. Very smooth.

    Indica Hybrid. Decent potency.

  2. Matthew Maiorano

    Kush Berry [Indica AAA-]: Overall rating 5/5 stars.
    Bag appeal really strong with this hard-hitting strain, small-to-popcorn nugs the size of a blueberry and the smell is also fairly sweet. The density of the frosty buds is relatively high and the colour has lots of purple and bright green which is pleasant to look at. It grinds great with minimal stems and no seeds. My recommendation is to try this rolled up in a honeyberry backwoods or a hemp strain alternative like Juicy Jays, it really brings out the flavour of the strain. Upon smoking in a joint it tasted like a sweet candy with a slight earthiness. Burned acceptably well being slow, even and continuous the whole through the joint. The smoke was superbly smooth and rich leaving a lingering candy-like aftertaste. Comparing to a strain like the Pre 98 Bubba (similar grade strain) this kush berry tastes MUCH BETTER and I would buy this again compared to a straight gas strain. Kush berry leaves little to NOT love!

  3. maiorkush

    New batch is harder hitting than last year’s. Super tri chromed layers over top of the fruity smell and earthy taste. A little more leafy than than the last batch but makes up with the deep relaxing high.

  4. djwright556

    Got a sample with an order (so no bais cuz I spent money on it). Was very pleased with the strong smell, even off the small amount, absolutely berry and kush. The buds have a really nice look to them. The smell translates well to the flavour. Overall very impressed with this sample.

  5. Ryan Jones

    Potency: this stuff made me turn on my tap then walk away without knowing why.

    Effects: a nice relief of anxiety, certainly a positivity strain. Seriously will help your appetite!!

    Visual appeal/bud quality:

    The look of this bud is just superb quite honestly, caked in trichomes nicely cured the smell is simply mouth watering and the hues of purple get you just itching to load up a bowl!

    Delivery: Amazing shipping times, 3 days total from when I placed my order to when I received it!

  6. obraay

    This batch is fucking NUTS, dankest smelling weed I’ve had in 3 years and the frost and overall bag appeal is second to none. Dense dark purple undertones with lighter green outside. Crazy sticky, stickiest weed I’ve had from any MOM, even beating out a 27% venom OG I paid 175 a zip for in stickiness and potency. Smokes amazing, diesel blueberry taste. Fucks you up good, reminds me of an OG, super chill mellow high but not couch locking or drowsy. 100% reccommend for this price you won’t find anything better for a long while. Best I’ve seen around in a looong time cant st6ress it enough

  7. DaddyBurBerry

    Very colorful dense bud’s full of great berry flavor and very nice relaxing buzz.

  8. Dapro

    A late April batch was pretty leafy and had like 5 grams of green sugarless leaves I had to flake off, not a big deal, once the leaves were removed it was good weed and topshelfbc helped me out after I explained and sent pics of the leaves

  9. Fadi Al Shikh

    Burned acceptably well being slow, even and continuous the whole through the joint.

  10. Hannah Huhtala

    Strong hit! Tastes pretty good 😌

  11. dobbin1984

    great bud smells and taste excellent also great value for the price

  12. Jeremie Gaudet

    Very good id def buy again

  13. eddie brock


  14. bigjerk007

    Great sack – got it on sale too – 25 pct off 420 sale. Classic Kush with a berry nose. Smoke a wonderful light grey ash. Perfect cure. Would order again and recommend you do the same. 🙂 Thanks TSBC!!

  15. kevenlemieux22

    niccee bud

  16. Shelby Scott

    Tastes like candy! Only complaint is I would have thought this was a sativa by the high.

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