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Everyone deserves a little support Now + Then!

Now + Then introduces their new line of Ratio Tinctures, ideal for those needing extra help with sleep, pain relief, managing anxiety & depression, and an overall mood uplift. Available in 3 Ratios designed to aid with your specific needs, allow the powerful duo of CBD and THC enhance your quality of life. Read more below to learn what the 4:1 Ratio Tincture can do for you!

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4:1 (High CBD/Low THC) Ratio Tincture

Now + Then’s 4:1 Ratio is a great option for soothing your body post-workout, for whole-body recovery, or when you need to wind down after a busy day. This tincture is also known to help with appetite loss, anxiety, and depression, boost immunity, and ease general pain and inflammation. This 4:1 tincture can be used as a strong daytime or nighttime ratio. It is great for new or experienced cannabis users with some tolerance for THC with a little psycho-activity.

MCT Oil (Naturally extracted from Coconut Oil), CBD oil, and Cannabis Oil.

Birch + Fog vendors adhere to the highest quality standards in the entire industry, and this is verified by us periodically to ensure correct dosage and experience for our customers is ensured.

This product contains items as pictured in the product image gallery.

Suggested Use for this product is as follows:

Start with 1/2 a dropper dose and increase as needed or suggested by a physician to suit your individual needs. Place drops sublingually and holds for approx. 60 seconds before swallowing.

The potency of edibles is measured differently from that of flowers or concentrate. In edibles, cannabinoid concentration is expressed in milligrams rather than as a percentage. THC and CBD concentrations, along with the total cannabinoid content, are typically identified on manufactured products


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