5 Stages of Being High: What You Need to Know

5 Stages of Being High: What You Need to Know

The various phases of being high are different. Anybody responding to the subject “What does getting high feel like?” would be justified in pointing out that every individual’s experience with marijuana use will vary depending on their particular circumstances. Moreover, various cannabis strains have a variety of impacts. Despite all of these factors, we can still appropriately define 5 phases of getting high. Keep reading this article to know how it feels to become high.

1. Getting started

A few drags could make you feel intoxicated when you are inexperienced to weed or have a low tolerance. When cannabinoids pass through the blood-brain membrane, you experience the buzz. You should begin to become more relaxed. Most people also grow more sensitive and attentive to stimulation, including exciting music, bright colors, and much more prominent tastes. When you smoke a concentrated cannabis product or sprinkle shatter or a similar drug into a joint, this might happen very quickly. But it will take more time to experience the impacts of the THC when taking an edible.

2. Tingling

You will start to feel the rush of THC after a couple of minutes or possibly 30 after consuming edibles. It will feel more like exhilaration than the nice buzzing you experienced when you started smoking. You can giggle uncontrollably at anything and everything with your friends. Many claim that throughout this period, particularly after using a Sativa variety of cannabis, they feel extra productive.

3. Euphoria

When your body responds to the complete impact of THC, your experience will peak. You are now in a state of complete and utter intoxication. The calm pleasure and awareness of the environment surrounding you that you experienced in the early phases will still be there but to a greater extent. Particularly after consuming an indica variety, most people will experience a mild sense of drowsiness and relaxation. Right after this, the hunger will kick in, so keep in mind to have some munchies at hand.

4. Slow Descent

The comedown from most substances is a difficult process. With marijuana, this is not the case! Although you might feel a little let down that the buzz is ending, there aren’t any unfavorable bodily withdrawal symptoms. Your peak high’s aftereffects are certainly still present. Your sight and hearing will still feel different, as though they are more intense. Your taste buds might be more sensitive than ever, which would explain why people might want to indulge in some snacks. While you’re still high, you can turn on a film or music you like, turn on the video gaming system, and enjoy your company.

5. After Effect

After coming down, you can continue to experience a slight buzz for a few hours. This prolonged effect can last for several hours after eating edibles. You’ll probably remain happy and at ease.


These were the 5 stages of getting high on weed to help you understand the experience better. Getting high on marijuana can be a great way to unwind and relieve some stress, and since you cannot overdose on weed, it is also a very safe option. However, you should always buy cannabis products or edibles from a reputed seller such as Top Shelf BC. They have been the best weed dispensary in Canada for over 15 years, and they will guarantee you top-notch products.

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