6 Ways to Consume Cannabis without Smoking

6 Ways to Consume Cannabis without Smoking

Do you remember the first time you smoked marijuana? You might remember your throat burning and your difficulty gauging how long to pull the smoke. Not everyone likes to smoke, and those with compromised lungs do not really have the option. This stigmatized image of smoking might be the only thing stopping people from trying marijuana.

Although there are many ways to consume marijuana that have evolved over the years, you might be looking for an option that is more health conscious. Below are some suggestions that will give you a smoke-free marijuana experience.


You do not have to torch your marijuana with a lighter to enjoy its benefits. Its chemical compounds vaporize at lower and less harmful temperature. The taste of vaporized marijuana is usually preferred over combusted flower, and the vapor is easier on the lungs. Handheld vaporizers allow you to enjoy oils and flowers, while larger ones offer high quality vapor with advanced temperature settings. You can find lots of affordable vaporizers if you want to try smokeless marijuana consumption.


Another obvious alternative to smoking is marijuana-infused food and beverages. The diversity of cannabis edibles is vastly and quickly expanding, so you can fuse practically anything that requires oil or butter. You can make cannabutter at home, but dispensaries and shops usually have several options, from roasted garlic crackers to infused lemonade. Because they take longer to kick in and have intense psychoactive effects, start with a low dose and exercise patience.

Ingestible Oils

Ingestible oils are any marijuana concentrate taken orally. These usually come in plastic applicators or capsules that you can directly consume or added to food and beverages. Just like edibles, ingestible oils can give incredibly powerful effects that can take some time to take effect, so make sure that you watch your dose.


Tinctures are infused liquids that extract marijuana compounds and applied under the tongue. Unlike fused foods and ingestible oils, they immediately enter the bloodstream and allow for better dose control and fast-acting effects. There is a wide range of potencies, flavors and cannabinoid profiles available today that cater to your specific medical needs and preferences.


Cannabis topicals are marijuana-infused balms and lotions applied directly on the skin for localized relief from soreness, inflammation, and pain. One of their unique properties is their ability to treat symptoms without psychoactive effects. So if you want to be clear-headed and bypass that euphoric high, topicals would be a good choice.


Dabbing is a method of flash vaporization where cannabis concentrates are dropped on a heated water pipe treatment and inhaled for its effects. The attachment is a metallic nail or glass heated with a butane torch. Dabbing enthusiasts usually use this method because properly refined concentrates give a clean experience that is free of plant material. Also, dabbing produces vapor and not smoke. This is not the best option for first-time marijuana users, though, because of its potent effects.

Now that you are familiar with all the ways to consume marijuana without smoking, it is now time to purchase your cannabis stash. Wherever you decide to buy, make sure that you are buying from a store or supplier that is reliable and trustworthy.

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