Death Bubba (AAA)


Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Spinal Cord Injury
Aromas: Pine, Spicy, Earthy, Woody, Gassy

You really cannot go wrong when trying out the Death Bubba strain! It’s well-loved by users across all demographics because it can be enjoyed in so many different ways—including smoking, vaping, tinctures, extracts, capsules, oils, edibles…pretty much anything your heart desires. Flavor profiles are particularly unique with this strain, featuring rich undertones of pine and herbaceous plant matter. Some users also note a subty sweet-spicy lemon pine as well, but it’s typically not as strong as other flavors.

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The Death Bubba strain is a relaxing indica dominant hybrid that brings peace and well-being to the mind and body in delightful waves of euphoria and serenity. This strain was created by crossing the famous Bubba Kush and Death Star strain. This particular type of BUD packs a punchy high-THC content for a powerful psychoactive effect that tends to leave you soaring through the skies. Relaxing muscles and relieving aches are also very common with this strain, making it great for treating all kinds of pain—both chronic and acute. Basically, if you’re feeling under the weather or just want to chill out and sleep for a while, Death Bubba is an awesome choice.

Appearance and Aroma

The Death Bubba strain is a fairly short and dense plant with olive green leaves that are frosted with sticky trichomes. It’s a forest green shade with hints of blue and purple, giving it a subtly colorful appearance. Leaves are wide, dark, and slender. These fat, crescent-shaped buds are very eye-catching and colorful. The Death Bubba strain has a pungent, gassy scent with strong undertones of lemon. It’s a tangy, tart scent that becomes more earthy and woodsy when the nugs are broken apart. This strain has a sweet taste of lemon, pine, and sage upon exhale.

Effects and Medical Uses

Death Bubba is a high-potent indica strain that brings you a heady high that starts with a zippy cerebral rush. You’ll feel your mood elevated as you drift away from reality. Your body will feel heavy and relaxed, sinking into the couch or bed where you’ve chosen to enjoy this strain. Eventually, Death Bubba effects will envelope your whole being, easing away aches and pains until only dee hold, and you’ll slowly startp relaxation remains. Gravity will take strain for insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, headaches/migraines…the list goes on!

Death Bubba’s deep relaxation makes it an ideal medical strain. If you’re looking to treat any of the following symptoms/conditions then Death Bubba is your strain: chronic pain, muscle spasms, cramps, migraines, headaches/headaches (including those caused by PTSD), arthritis, tension/stress, nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy or other medications…the list goes on! This strain really has something to offer for almost anyone.


Death Bubba is a high-THC indica strain, making it not an ideal option if you’re looking for CBD strains because of the psychoactive effect it brings to the table. It’s a relatively common type of weed that can be found in dispensaries and other cannabis retailers across North America. Death Bubba is usually somewhat expensive because of its high-quality and unique effects, making it not a great choice for budget shoppers. But if you’ve got the money to spare and want to try something splurge-worthy we say go for it!

All in all, Death Bubba is a great strain to try if you want something with powerful psychoactive effects. Its high-THC content makes it great for those looking to treat any of the symptoms/conditions listed above. Its flavor profiles are also very unique, featuring piney undertones with a fresh herbal scent. Plus, Death Bubba is easily available in most dispensaries and other cannabis retailers across North America.

What are your experiences with this strain? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments below!

25 reviews for Death Bubba (AAA)

  1. Jeff Burnham

    Only had batch one, it’s a what I was expecting. Big trichomes, powerful nose and dead one for the indica before bed. If this is better, I will be on it.

  2. Liam Boland

    This stuff is dank. Nugs are medium in size, pretty dense and super frosty. One hit and l was feeling this strain.
    I’m picky when it comes to death bubba but this hit the spot. Will be ordering again.

  3. Thomas Nixon

    great 180$ death bubba.. skeptical ? dont be

  4. Jordy Poirier

    Love this strain you guys did not disappoint order from you guys regularly and Just always impress me thanks guys down at top shelf keep it up.
    Recommend this strain to anyone who is not to sure about it

  5. Jordy Poirier

    This has me coming back for more ordered this about 4 times have never been let down so far stinky effective and tasty a good pretty good nugs too thanks Topshelfbc.!

  6. 4everrollin

    Earthy with a sweet kushy aroma. My 7g bag had small and some medium size buds, but they tight and spongy. Busts up fluffy in my grinder. Rolls super easy, tastes great, smokes smooth. Nice hybrid buzz.

  7. Matthew Maiorano

    Nice dark colored green and brownish orange fuzz, great bag appeal. Taking a pull from a kingsize joint with this strain was hard hitting. instantly started feeling head high then seeps into a nice couch lock.

  8. jmackenz


  9. ChronicKush

    I really liked this Death Bubba!

    It has an earthy, sweet smell when you chop it up and it has a strong kush-type effect. Nice one to chill-out with or to use before sleeping.

  10. Bitmoniker

    Classic well known strain that’s been well reviewed. The current batch available burns fairly smooth with a nice potent high. The nugs are nicely cured and not too dry. If you’re looking for this strain I recommend picking this up from topshelfbc.

  11. Fadi Al Shikh

    This stuff was good nice dense sticky buds good nose and good potency id buy it again

  12. Fadi Al Shikh

    This stuff was good nice dense sticky buds..pretty dense and super frosty. One hit and l was feeling this strain

  13. davidkanayokjr

    Nice medium size buds in my qp,buds are nice and sticky when busted up has a nice Bubba kush taste deadly when hot kniving get nice and blasted using torch and hot kniving.buds look exactly the same in the picture, lots of trichromes and dense buds thanks top shelf BC

  14. bigjerk007

    not bad. Def smalls. You get what you pay for. Found them really dry, almost brittle. 2-3 grams of shake in the bag. Smokes well though and doesnt it all look the same when busted up? Not bad if your on a budget. MErci!

  15. Kealin Harkness

    Giggly, and super relaxed, this is one of my favourite indica strains. These nugs were beautiful, hues of blue around the heads, and very dense. Burns smooth into a white ash, and a fast onset of effects, this is some great grass. Beware opening the bag, the smell punches you right in your nostrils.

  16. JulienPizza

    Not the heaviest Bubba I’ve had but def not the worst

  17. Fadi Al Shikh

    Really good quality, i recommend the boveda pack to keep it dank

  18. Fadi Al Shikh

    Really good quality, i recommend the boveda pack

  19. Fadi Al Shikh

    Good strain for sure

  20. davidkanayokjr

    Deadly strain ,way more better than the small buds for sure, nice big buds,dense ,sticky lots of trichromes ,gets even better when you store with boveda packs gets really dank deadly using torch and knives really does taste like bubba kush

  21. Kris Kies

    Taste like greezy pink

  22. Lou 420

    Nice big dense buds.
    Big tricomes.
    Stick AF, I had 43g bunched into 1 bud that took time to take apart.
    Tastes like straight gas and puts me indacouch
    So its great for my insomnia.
    Would definitely reccomend it

  23. Bcreeferman

    I ordered the deathbubba small’s but can’t leave review so leaving one here. All dime-quarter sized buds as expected with good terp’s,burn’s great and has good potency. Alittle dry but nothing boveda pack didn’t cure. I’m sure the bigger buds are much better.

  24. Hannah Nargyak

    Death Bubba, large buds and sticky

  25. Diego Tavares

    Sent me 28 grams instead of 7

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