Death Tuna (AAAA-)


Effects: Body High, Euphoria, Relaxing, Sleepy, Uplifting
May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Insomnia, Stress
Aromas: Dank, Diesel, Earthy, Pungent, Sour

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Death Tuna is a powerful cross between Black Tuna and Death Bubba, two classic BC strains. One of the most incredible Indica strains of BC, Death Tuna is known for its stellar THC concentration, which is as high as 30%! What is so stellar about this strain is that it combines the calming and sedative properties of all the parental strains and further strengthens them to build the perfect strain to sit back at the end of the day. Death Tuna is very soothing and engulfs consumers in a feeling of euphoric relaxation before knocking them out. The tastes of this strain are just like your typical Tuna, except on steroids – due to the earthy steam. Death Tuna is the best strain for those who enjoy a potent kick.

15 reviews for Death Tuna (AAAA-)

  1. Fadi Al Shikh

    The Gas in the name really comes through in the smell and flavour with a nice background of a spicy

  2. Tyler Kilt

    – imagine having a stressful week and you want a lazy and relaxing dave weekend; this is exactly the perfect strain for you. It relaxes your body and your mind, such that you have no room for worries or stress.

  3. Roger Cypher

    I started using Death Tuna because it helps with the inflammation in my joints and appears to control my immunological response. It alleviates the anxiety and despair brought on by having an autoimmune disease.

  4. Dennis Fox

    I smoke the death tuna after workout and it absolutely helps with post workout recovery, it keeps my muscles relaxed and my body calm.

  5. Trevor

    This is exactly what I’ve been searching for; it helps me think clearly and deeply, and it’s been great for keeping my creative juices flowing. When the high wears off, you get a profound relaxation that leads to a sound sleep.

  6. Richard Lynn

    this is the best strain I’ve tried so far, just a few puffs and I can feel the effects…this is my solution to a very stressful or frustrating day.

  7. Allan Summerfield

    if you’re battling depression, I would recommend this… the euphoria that comes with death tuna is so wonderful and uplifting. I take a few puffs before I start my day and it gives me energy to get through the day.

  8. Will Salazar

    – I am not allowed to take narcotics. They make me react negatively. My doctor advised me to experiment with marijuana. I was recommended the Death Tuna by a friend, I’ve used it for six months and have found it to be the most effective treatment for degenerative arthritic pain. I take it every night to get a good night’s sleep and relieve discomfort.

  9. Gregg Mihalyk

    Death tuna is fire. Can I get seeds?

  10. Theo Glover

    – I’m 54, bone pain and severe panic disorder. for years, the pain keeps me up at night and I sort of developed insomnia but since I was introduced to this, I’ve been having the best sleep of my life and also the pain reduces drastically every time I smoke this.

  11. Brad Simmons

    I suffer from fibromyalgia and this has been effective in controlling my pain, spasms, tension and I’ve even had a slight improvement of my depression as it turns out my depression was as a result of the meds I was taking.

  12. David Dune

    this is for the perfect weekend, takes away the stress, worries, anxiety and you just watch your day fly by without any worries, it’s definitely perfect…

  13. Fadi Al Shikh

    Looks dank for sure, can’t wait for my order,

  14. killahillz187

    This strain is most excellent, nice and earthy with a side of spice while inhaled. All around 10/10

  15. Bcreeferman

    Just buy it won’t be disappointed. Excellent all around.

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