Diesel (AAA) *smalls*


Effects: Relaxation, sleepiness, happiness, etc.
May Relieve: ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Mood Swings, Stress
Aromas:  Chemical, Diesel, Kush, Pungent, Earthy, Gassy

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Diesel is a sativa dominant hybrid with a 30:70 indica/ sativa ratio. The nugs are incredibly large with bright orange hairs all the while being bright green in color. The buds are fairly dense and the orange hairs look as if though they are pouring out of the bud itself. Additionally, the bud is covered by crystals making it look more appealing to any cannabis user. As for the smell, it is quite similar to sugar coated rice crispies and freshly cut fruit. After grounding it up, it smells even more like diesel fuel and grapefruit. After smoking the strain, you will realize it has a grapefruit berry taste to it during the inhale. It can be a bit sour but it is exceptionally smooth at the same time. However, during the exhale it can be quite rough. The high is invigorating with an instant two hour energy punch. You will be bouncing off walls and will be coming up with captivating and innovative ideas in no time. It is a great strain for energy and increases concentration and focus all the while being the perfect remedy for medical conditions like anxiety and depression.

2 reviews for Diesel (AAA) *smalls*

  1. andrewchaos006 (verified owner)


  2. Jayson Rosehart (verified owner)

    Right as I opened the bag I received a blast of lovely lemon and diesel fuel scent. Tons of trichomes.
    The flavour was more of this lovely citrus fuel edge.
    Smoke was clean, could hold in huge drags with no throat or lung irritation.
    The buzz felt 65/35 sativa leaning promoting slightly relaxed yet engaging senses.
    Good show, this was a definite score at the price point as well. I can recommend.

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