High Voltage Extracts Sauce Carts


With High Voltage Extracts Sauce Carts, you’ll be stepping into a new vaping experience. These premium carts are housed in a ceramic body with a coil-less design which preserves the delicate flavors of each individual strain. Each cart encapsulates the unique terpene profile and distinct cannabinoids of every individual strain and puts it within the convenience of your fingertips – we might even go as far as calling it the perfect dab, to-go!

CONTENTS 1.0mL Cartridge
COMPATIBILITY 510 Threaded Batteries

Earn up to 42 Points.

High Voltage Extracts Sauce Carts

Welcome to a whole new, premium vaping experience with High Voltage Extracts Sauce Carts. These specially formulated carts are made through a meticulous and lengthy curing process in which plant matter such as lipids and other unwanted organic matter is separated from pure cannabinoids – this process also decarboxylates THCa, separating it from the “terp sauce” which gives these carts their unique, strain-specific terpene profiles and effects. Finally, when the THCa is converted to a point where it’s stabilized in oil form, it’ is re-introduced to the terp sauce before being carefully measured out by hand into every individual cartridge. All High Voltage Extracts Sauce Carts are housed in a ceramic cart that offers an internally heated ceramic element and a coil-less design to preserve the flavor of those delicate terpenes we all love so much. Every cart available takes the unique profile of terpenes, and distinct cannabinoids of an individual strain and puts it in the convenience of your hands – would we dare to call it the perfect dab, to-go?

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