How to Smoke Hash? Quick Guide for beginners

How to Smoke Hash? Quick Guide for beginners

Whether it’s Lebanese, Nepalese, Afghani, or Moroccan, hash has a long and proud history that dates back centuries. Potent, fast-acting and flavourful, it’s still as popular today as ever. And if you’re new to mail order hash in Canada, then here’s a rundown on how to smoke hash.

How to Smoke Mail Order Hash Canada

The number of ways to smoke hash are as diverse as the effects it can impart. Whether you choose to mix it with herb in a joint, sprinkle it on a bowl, smoke it directly in a pipe, dab it, or hot knife it, each provides a tradeoff between flavour, taste, harshness and potency.

Smoking Hash in a Joint

One of the most common ways to consume hash is to sprinkle it into a joint with ground herb. Simply heat the block of hash before breaking it up and sprinkling it into a joint. Depending on how much you use, this method can provide a powerful high that will help meet the needs of those medicating with an existing tolerance or those merely seeking an adventure.

Smoking Hash in a Pipe

To smoke hash in a pipe, you can either place a chunk of hash into your pipe or break it up into small pieces to allow for better airflow. It’s always best to place a small amount of hash in a pipe, limited to as much as you can clear in one hit. This helps ensure minimal wastage of the hashish by avoiding smouldering larger amounts of hashish in the bowl after inhaling.

Smoking directly from a pipe will provide a strong, if somewhat harsh effect. Water pipes and bongs will help ensure a softer hit while also serving to filter out some of the carcinogenic compounds present in the smoke for a healthier alternative.

How to Smoke Hash with a Dab Rig

You can also dab hash just like you would any other concentrate like shatter. Dabbing has the added advantage of ensuring minimal wastage of product, meaning that your money goes further.

Because the hashish doesn’t combust while dabbing, you inhale vapour with fewer carcinogenic properties. Full-melt hash usually works best for dabbing. This form of hash includes types like bubble hash that are made via ice and water extraction. Such types tend to vaporize more readily on a hot nail.

Make sure to clean the banger and nail after completion as the resin will tend to stick to the surfaces and affect the taste of any other concentrates you consume after the fact.

Hot Knife

Hot knifing hash is the old-school method of consumption and requires nothing more complicated than two butter knives. By heating the two knives on a stove, add a small chunk of hash to one and press it between both heated surfaces. As the hash combusts, you can then inhale the smoke through a pen or straw. Just make sure that you don’t place the straw too close to the knife as it might burn.

Vaping Hash

Dry herb vaporizers are also suitable for consuming hash, but you must ensure you clean out the chamber directly after use. The resinous quality of hashish means that it can gum up the chamber in vaporizers and stick to the walls in a way that makes them very difficult to clean. That said, vaporizing hashish provides a cleaner method of administration when compared to combustion methods. By vaping in the range of 180°C to 200°C, you avoid combustion while obtaining maximum benefit from the still-intact cannabinoids and terpenes.

For tabletop vaporizers like the volcano, it’s important to use a bag designated for use with hash. This is because hash residue tends to build up a lot faster than with other concentrates, something that affects the flavour during subsequent use.

Another option is to mix the hashish with dry flower to prevent excessive residue buildup while still obtaining the kick that the hashish provides. So whether you chose to stick with pure mail order hash in Canada, or combine with flower, it is possible to vape it.

How to Smoke Hash Using a Plastic Bottle

This homemade method involves converting a plastic bottle into a primitive bong. Simply cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle just large enough for a cigarette to fit through. With the lid screwed on, stick a small piece of hashish onto the end of the cigarette and light it before placing it in the hole. Allow the bottle to fill up with smoke before removing the cap and inhaling.

It may be primitive and leave you coughing for several minutes, but if you’ve got nothing else, then it’ll do the job.

Ingesting Hashish

In what may surprise many, hashish was never traditionally smoked. Rather, in Central Asia, where hashish first came to prominence, locals ate it in high quantities.

For those who don’t like smoking or vaporizing, then oral ingestion is the obvious choice. To do so, ensure you consume it with a fat source, ideally infusing it under heat with a fat. This ensures that the fat-soluble cannabinoids are readily absorbed.

Another critical step is to ensure you activate the hashish by carrying out a process known as decarboxylation. To do so, place it in the oven at 110°C for approximately 30 minutes. This process converts the acid form of THCA and CBDA to the active forms of THC and CBD. Without decarbing the hash, you won’t experience the effects once ingested. This step is not necessary with smoked and vaped forms of hashish as the associated heating during the process serves to decarb the compounds.

Beware that orally ingested hashish is extremely potent and, in high enough quantities, may even induce psychedelic effects. If you purchase mail order hash in Canada, and intend to ingest, remember a little goes a long way.

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