1g Kush Kraft Hash – Afghan Mazar


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If you’re tired of the same old cannabis strains and you’re not experiencing the same buzz that you usually would, then perhaps it’s time that you had a closer look at KushKraft hash. This traditional cannabis product can be easily added to regular cannabis or smoked and vaped as a stand-alone product depending on how you like to enjoy your cannabis products.

While KushKraft hash can feel a little intimidating or daunting to beginners, it doesn’t take long to get used to that intense hash high that so many people worldwide are falling in love with. As with any cannabis product, you have a lot of versatile delivery methods to choose from, and we recommend going low and slow.

Start with a small amount of KushKraft hash, and then evaluate the effects before consuming more. It’s an effective way to understand what your tolerance is while avoiding greening out. If you’re ready to step up, then why not give one of the premium hashes at The Hash Buffet a try? It could just change your life!

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