Now + Then Phoenix Tears Capsules – 30 x 50mg


NOW AND THEN vendors adhere to the highest quality standards in the entire industry, and this is verified by us periodically to ensure correct dosage and experience for our customers is ensured.


Includes: 30 Capsules
THC Concentration: 50mg per capsule
Total THC Concentration: 15000mg per bottle

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Better sleep
Appetite increase
Reduction of anxiety and pain
Slowed cancer cell migration by decreasing metazoic capacity and stopping tumors from forming new blood vessels
Full-Extracted Cannabis Oil, MCT Oil (Naturally Extracted from Coconut Oil), & Water
Start with 1 capsule and wait at least 45 minutes to feel the effects.
If new to THC consumption, we do not suggest taking it on an empty stomach. Increase dose and desired or necessary once effects are determined


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