The Top 10 Strongest Indica Strains on Earth

The Top 10 Strongest Indica Strains on Earth

Any experience stoner will know that the strain of weed you smoke will define the evening. Sometimes you want to get your mind and creativity boosted with a head-heavy blunt filled with the strongest strains of sativa bud and have a productive and fun filled day, but for those times that you want to mong out and melt into your sofa, indica is the way to go.

The Indica High

While modern research has shown that the sativa to indica scale isn’t the best way to describe the range of cannabis highs available, it is still a very good way to categorise most weed strains by a few of their shared features.

Indica cannabis plants are very short and bushy, when you think about how a cannabis plant looks, it is almost certainly an indica plant that you think of. The leaves of these plants have broad, dark green leaves and the plant contains extremely high levels of THC and low levels of CBD.

What is Indica like?

Indica strains are by far the most common out there and so the high will be very familiar to any regular marijuana user. Common experiences in an indica high are a deep relaxation in the mind and body which can have a sedative effect when strong enough. This makes it ideal for use at night or for lazy days where you plan to do nothing productive.

Indica strains are also known to significantly reduce chronic pain and can increase the user’s appetite, making them the most commonly prescribed strains for medical use. All of this is described as a body high and when you try some premium indica weed, you can feel it tingling down to your soul until you pass out for 12 hours. Below is our guide to the different strains of bud that have the strongest indica effect out there.

The Top 10 Strongest Indica Strains Ever

Here’s my pick of the strongest 10 indica strains you can buy, many of which you’ll find in our shop.

10. Blueberry

This is a strain that I originally sampled in a prerolled blunt in Amsterdam. I had heard it was an extremely tasty strain, as it was said to have a sweet, blueberry taste, hence its name. I am happy to report that this strain does not disappoint! With an average THC content of 17% and no significant amount of CBD, this strain sends its user into a deep, long-lasting relaxation without a significant risk of falling asleep – a true mong-out for the hard at work stoner.

With the combination of a strong indica high and its unique, satisfying taste, it is no wonder that Blueberry has been an immensely popular strain since the late 70’s. In 2000 (when marijuana was still illegal in most countries) Blueberry managed to earn the High Times’ Cannabis cup award for best indica, fully earning this a spot in this list.

9. Slurricane

As a far more recent breed, Slurricane has a much more specialised profile than Blueberry. This bud also has a very sweet flavor profile, leaning towards a combination of berries and grapes that helps relax your tongue as much as the weed relaxes your body.

 It was brought to this world by combining Do-Si-Dos with the irreverent Purple Punch (more on these later) and it carries a high which feels like a comfortable combination of them both. This strain is also one of the more THC heavy strains out there, with an average content of 21% and much higher from premium growers.

A good hit of Slurricane comes on slowly but when it hits with that signature indica boom, there is no doubt that you’re in for a good ride. This strain is known to send you into a deep sleep, so it isn’t too much use during the day or if you have anything to do within the next 12 hours, making it an extremely popular strain to help treat the symptons of insomnia.

8. Northern Lights

This is one of the most traditionally indica strains you can get your hands on. Known to be around for at least 35 years, this strain predates the modern idea of genetic crossbreeding and instead was bread from some of the oldest known strains of weed in a time before weed science hit the mainstream.

This Strain doesn’t do anything too unique these days, but it has stuck around for so long for a reason. While it lacks modern strains’ specialised highs, this strain will give you an archetypal indica high with a pleasant, sleepy relaxation that will chill you for hours on end, and its hard-hitting sweet smoke will encourage you to chain these joints until you pass out mid toke.

7. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a long time household name and has earned legendary status in the cannbis community as one of the most pleasant indica strains around. With its huge, bushy buds and colors ranging from deep greens to some faint purples, this weed summons memories of beautiful northern forests, reminiscent of its supposed ancestry as a cross-breed of OG Kush and Northern Lights.

pink bubba bulk new

This strain’s true history is long since lost to the folds of time, but the hard core, deep muscle relaxation this strain very quickly grants its user is a tale still alive to this day. Breaking from the fruity theme so far in this list, Bubba serves the pallet more chocolatey tones which help calm the mind as the body slowly becomes jello. Even with its relatively low THC content, this strain will easily scratch that indica itch and turn any night into day.

6. GMO Cookies

A member of the mights and ever-growing cookie clan, GMO is an incredible strain bred for medical use. On average this strain will contain around 26% THC making it one of the most actively relaxing cannabis strains out there and a huge amount of the western world has earmarked this as one of the best strains for treating chronic pain.

The only thing stopping this strain from climbing the list higher than a 7 is that, although it has an explosive effect when relieving mental and physical stress, this strain is not known to have significant sedative effects and can actually help you feel energised while your body descends into whatever you are sitting on. A brilliant strain for any frequent user, but there is more to be found when looking for the archetypal indica stone.

5. Do-Si-Dos

With a high at least as fun as its name, Do-Si-Dos is another in your face medical grade strain of cannabis. With premium, glittery trichomes and beautifully bright lime green and lavender leaves, this bud delights the senses before you even grind it up and combust it. This bud continues its deligtfulness with a floral, sweet taste which lowers your guard for what is to come.

As an offspring of the ever-legendary OG Kush, this plant will not disappoint those looking to physically disable themselves for long periods of time. Very well known for its pleasant mix of euphoria and intense relaxation, it’s hard to believe that this is technically an indica-sativa hybrid. Regardless of its genetics, this has long been a fan favourite indica and it has fathered many dozens of popular indica strains over the years.

4. Granddaddy Purple

One of the more striking strains I have ever laid eyes on, GDP betrays its strong grape aromas with its signature purple leaves and deep layers of snowy resin that almost stop you from breaking it up into easily digestible morsels. The plants of this strain are a big hit with growers as much as users, as GDP is very well known to produce massive plants with a high density of plant matter.

This strain has many, many different offspring strains, a true testament to its strong mix of sedation and deep mind and body relaxation. Sometimes likened to ketamine, this strain doesn’t let its low THC content keep it down, as it delivers a strong and powerful high that helps stoners everywhere find a place to melt.

Beyond its fantastic leisure time qualities, thousands of people around the world use this as medication for a huge variety of ailments. Known to help with stress, chronic pain and insomnia like many other strains, GDP is also known to help many with depression and muscle spasms, making it true to weed’s name as a cure for anything.

3. Zkittlez

This multi-award winning strain has become one of my personal favourites of the last year. Its exact genetic history is a closely kept secret, as this is a designer strain which has been used to breed many more brilliant skittles-based strains to create a modern hemp empire (hempire?).

As is a theme with these ultra-premium blends, this bud has some incredibly striking looks, reminding me of beautiful mossy snow and releasing amazingly vibrant fruity aromas which prepare you for a great marijuana experience to delight your body and soul.

While this is a pretty hard core indica strain, you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise, as you will start your experience with a euphoria and energy found in the strongest strains of sativa bud. This doesn’t last for long though, as by the time you are ready to get dancing, the true heart of this kush shows itself and your body will almost switch off with how calm and relaxed you are down to your bones.

2. Ice Cream Cake

A member of another genus I have dabbled with a lot, ICC was actually the first of the mighty cake strains that I tried. I knew I had found my niche as soon as I smelled an awesome combination of vanilla and sweet sugar, a scent my nose has since learned to yearn as it is a sign of high times to follow.

ice cream cake bulk

When I’m looking for a pure indica high, this is what I most often go for, as the brain and muscle relaxation in this bud sends tingles through your entire body with every puff. The fluffy, white trichomes aren’t just there for looks, which becomes blindingly obvious to the user almost instantly.

This strain should only be utilised when you are having a quiet night in with a movie and a fluffy blanket, as there is very little chance you will be doing anything else with this running through your veins, especially as it is very difficult to find ICC with a low THC content.

This is absolutely one of my favourite strains of weed on the market and I highly recommend trying it as soon as possible, as its effects make it actively hard to describe. It isn’t too easy to take notes when your body has given up on you and your mind is disappearing into the ether.

1. Purple Punch

Seeing as this is a list of strong indica strains, I couldn’t put my favourite in the top spot. Just because Purple Punch isn’t my go to doesn’t mean that this isn’t a phenomenal strain. As an off-shoot of Granddaddy Purple, it goes without saying that this is going to be a powerful indica bud. Although it has a fairly average THC content, it doesn’t have any significant levels of any other cannabinoid, meaning that it has a pure and unfettered indica high.

This dank chronic will deliver some delicious fruit cake tastes to help prepare you for the unbelievable journey your body is about to go through. It got its name from the ol’ one-two punch, as it will very quickly set itself in your head after smoking, giving you that signature stoner smile. Then after you give it a little time to set in, you will be blindsided by a pure relaxation over your entire body.

This strain is one of the most intense that I have ever tried, an absolute delight to any indica purist out there. It is also one of the best strains to hand an inexperienced friend, as the punches this plant delivers could rival Ali himself.

Hopefully I have provided you with some ideas for when you next want to become comatose with delight and a few starting points to explore some specialised strains and find some wonderful bc weed online. Be careful, though, as too much of any of these will leave you stuck at home away from your local dispensary.

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