Tuna Rockstar (AAA)

THC 25-28%


(27 customer reviews)
EffectsRelaxed, Happy, Hungry, Dry Mouth, Euphoric
RelieveStress, Lack of Appetite, Pain, Cramps, Inflammation
AromasSkunk, Earthy, Sweet, Diesel, Gas

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Rockstar Tuna, also known as “Tuna Rockstar” or “Tuna Star,” is a heavily indica dominant hybrid strain (90% indica/10% sativa) created through crossing the classic Tuna Kush X Rockstar strains. This bud steals its aroma from its infamous Tuna Kush parent, with a super pungent overtone that’s accented by rotting fish and a touch of spicy grapes and herbs. The flavor is on the lighter side, with an earthy skunky taste that’s accented by sweet grapes and spicy herbs. The Rockstar Tuna high is just as unique as the high, with lifted effects that will leave you totally relaxed and ravenously hungry for hours on end. The high starts with a rush of lifted effects that leave your mind soaring through totally unfocused bliss. As your mind lifts higher and higher, your body will begin to fade away into a deep sense of relaxation and ease without sedation. Thanks to these effects and its high 19-26% average THC level, Rockstar Tuna is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, appetite loss or nausea, chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, or inflammation.

27 reviews for Tuna Rockstar (AAA)

  1. Thomas Labelle (verified owner)

    This is a really good bang for your buck and it’s definitely one of those hybrids strains that’s exactly what it is at least for me. You kinda get both the sativa and indica high at the same time without it being overpowering since it’s only AA or AAA- which is perfectly fine if you want to be functional afterwards.

  2. your-snow (verified owner)

    bought this one again. very good smoke. lots of crystal on these nice sized nugs

  3. Dwayne Cobhams (verified owner)

    if you’re having a bad day, Tuna Rockstar is exactly what you need. Had just a couple of puffs when I got home and I’m back in a bright mood. Thank you Top Shelf BC!

  4. Jonathan Ashburn (verified owner)

    I just got my order today, the sweet earthly aroma is absolutely amazing. I smoked a little and I can tell you I love the way I feel right now, just happy and relaxed.

  5. Jane Crawford (verified owner)

    the aroma, the way it smells while burning is so awesome, it doesn’t leave a bitter taste in the mouth, it also helps with my joint pain. I am definitely ordering more!!

  6. JulienPizza (verified owner)

    Had to get some after I tried it at a buddy’s. Fire

  7. purplereeefer (verified owner)

    I loved it

  8. davidkanayokjr (verified owner)

    Deadly buds ,dense ,sticky,buds,sure helps with Appetite really does taste like tuna kush ,but with a Rockstar high deadly when hot knives with torch don’t need much to get blasted thanks top shelf

  9. Canuckchronic (verified owner)

    Excellent bag appeal. Potent but smooth smoke, excellent for sleep and appetite, and also effective for pain relief. Smells like typical Tuna strains. 10/10

  10. aaronparhar (verified owner)

    Burns black in a jay, with a crispy ash and joint goes out often, not a fan of this strain. High is ok but doesn’t last too long. Received no response when contacted TopShelf a week ago.

  11. your-snow (verified owner)

    got this a few times. this one wasn’t as good as I remembered but still nice buds, burns slow.

  12. Terry Linen (verified owner)

    Potent bud. Smells good and smokes good. Great stuff for the price. It took care of my menstrual cramps. Would buy again

  13. Jerry (verified owner)

    This strain is very nice if you have mental problems. It helped out with my depression, stress and anxiety, gave me appetite and helped me sleep, what more do I say? 10/10 will buy again!

  14. Santiago (verified owner)

    My favorite one out of the 4 strains that I’ve bought so far. Don’t need to smoke much to get a good buzz and it tastes good. .Really nice nugs, super relaxing, great for nighttime or super chill days.

  15. Malkia (verified owner)

    All my friends love this weed too, I personally love it too and it provides a great high which is kinda cool, and makes me feel super relaxed, talkative and uplifted. Great for stress and pain.

  16. Anampiu (verified owner)

    I think this is a really awesome weed. It is really good and it gave me instant pain relief. It has a really nice high and very few negative side affects like other meds have.

  17. Vinny (verified owner)

    Most enjoyable strain I’ve ever had and I’ve tried and I swear this one is just the most enjoyable, happy feeling ever. So relaxing and tasty.

  18. Manuel (verified owner)

    Excellent, versatile hybrid,buds looks nice with shades of purple and have a good amount of orange hair and thc in them. Helped me relax after my physio and gym exercises. Love this strain as always.

  19. Sweet Natasha (verified owner)

    Just hit this, and I can already tell it’s gonna be a couch lock. Right to the dome with this strain. Taste is super nice as well, along with the earthy aroma. Recommend for medicinal users that have chronic pain.

  20. Mikhail (verified owner)

    I got the Tuna Rockstar and wow! The flower never disappoints! 🙂 Exactly as pictured. Chunky dank buds of sticky kush. Craft. If you’re looking for a quality nighttime indica, check this ….Enjoy!!!

  21. Mr. P (verified owner)

    Overall pretty good strain, I prefer to use it as a night time med as it makes me really relaxed. I get hungry for sure, the pain in my foot is not bothering me, so I feel pretty good. 100% RECOMMEND IT.

  22. Chan (verified owner)

    I ordered 14 gm this month. Had some of the best highs I’ve ever had, not a single bad experience with this strain. My appetite for food increased.

  23. Vera (verified owner)

    This strain smell great . A heavy hitting stoned effect, a very tasty smoke, and a nice smooth toke make this strain a great medicine for pain and to help you sleep before bed.

  24. Onesmus. (verified owner)

    This is another great weed ! Really potent great for pain management! it take care of my neck pain. Found it very tasteful. This one is another good night blaze! It put me in a sedative state!

  25. Volodya (verified owner)

    Amazing strain!! Pungent smelling weed 4 sure!!It will knock you off be ready!!Looks really good, taste really good & smell really good!! Helps me reduce stress. It really worth a try!!Quality is there!!Will buy again…5 star

  26. Jeddy (verified owner)

    I ordered 28g this month. Had some of the best highs I’ve ever had, not a single bad experience with this strain. Relaxing but alert. Very good indica for me.

  27. Alek (verified owner)

    I had a serious craving for some nice weed. This strain gave me good pain control, and I found it quite mellow, and good for relaxation.

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