What’s the difference between Cannabis Sativa & Cannabis Ruderalis

What's the difference between Cannabis Sativa & Cannabis Ruderalis

If you want to know the difference between Cannabis Sativa and Ruderalis, then you’ve come to right place. We have published a definitive guide to Cannabis Indica and today, we will share with you all important aspects of Sativa & Ruderalis.

Cannabis Sativa

For seeds of this variety of marijuana, you will have to go to warm and friendly Mexico or make a long flight to Brazil. It is also often found in the Hawaiian Islands, in some African countries, in hospitable Thailand, Colombia and in South India. Sativa cannabis grows to incredible sizes. Individual representatives of this species reach six meters in height and can reward the grower with several kilograms of resinous oblong inflorescences from one bush. The root system of these plants goes up to one and a half meters deep into the earth. This feature emphasizes that a large yield of pure Sativa can only be obtained by growing it in a large container.

Thin and oblong olive-colored leaves were formed during evolution due to excess sunlight. It is very hot in sativa growing regions and the scorching sun in the absence of frequent doges often leads to drought. Plants adapted to such conditions and developed massive roots in order to extract life-giving moisture in the depths of the earth’s bowels. The foliage serves as a special radar receiver that absorbs the sun’s rays for photosynthesis. When they are in abundance, then there is no need for a wide sheet.

Sativa effect

Sativa cannabis cones, after use, make a person want to move, the thought process is accelerated, brilliant ideas come to mind that require immediate implementation. Creative thinking is also activated. A person can compose several poems in five minutes. I want to create and enjoy. Many artists, poets and musicians have admitted that they created some of their works under the influence of sativa strains. The most common effects:

  • clarity and purposefulness of the thought process;
  • energy boost;
  • Euphoria;
  • attention span

Cannabis Ruderalis

Every cannabis guide gives this information, but ruderalis is found in Mexico, the US and Canada, as well as in other countries. We can safely say that it is distributed throughout the world in the form of hemp weed and not suitable for consumption in the usual way. Previously, fields were sown with it, and hemp was made from the stems. Hemp seeds were used to make edible oil!

What are the benefits of a weed?

Weed cannabis is of great interest and can be used in the food industry. The oil from the seeds, as well as their kernels, are incredibly valuable. They are rich in vitamins A, B (1-12), E and D, they contain iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and about 20 amino acids. Weeds can be used to make 25,000 items of products: inexpensive but durable clothes, biofuel, building materials, cosmetics (including anti-aging).

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