7 Actionable Weed Rolling Paper Alternatives

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It is essential to know that rolling papers are not the only option for Cannabis users. There are rolling paper alternatives that you can use to roll up your Marijuana. These alternatives are excellent for smokers who do not want to use paper-rolled Marijuana because of its adverse health effects.

“A cop pulled me over and shouted, ‘papers’… I shouted scissors and drove off.”

Rolling papers can also be dangerous because they often contain high chemical levels, making the drug more addictive and potentially causing many other side effects. One alternative is using a pipe or bong instead of rolling papers.

What is a Cannabis Rolling Paper?

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Cannabis rolling papers are sheets of paper explicitly made to wrap Marijuana for smoking. They are created in different sizes and weights to suit the needs of the Cannabis user.

Cannabis rolling papers are available in various shapes, sizes, and weights. You can use them for different purposes, such as rolling Joints, Blunts, or Cones. The weight is usually measured in grams, so you can choose the size you need based on your requirements. 

Cannabis Rolling Papers are typically made of hemp or cellulose paper, sometimes combined with plastic for strength and protection against creasing and opacity. The best rolling papers are strong and provide the perfect friction for tight rolling.

What Are the Different Types of Cannabis Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are not just paper. They can come in different shapes and colors. The type of rolling paper you use will depend on what kind of Marijuana you like to smoke or what you want to get out of it.

Weed papers vary according to the joint size you wish to roll. Other rolling papers also react differently to heat and humidity.

The three main types of Weed papers are regular, 100 percent hemp, and organic rolling papers.

Different types of Weed papers include:

  • Lighter Wraps (lightweight, colorful paper that burns cleanly at higher temperatures)
  • Heavy-textured papers (thick paper that can hold in more oil or resin)
  • Wax Papers (sticky paper that is porous enough for waxes and oils but not too sticky)
  • Regular Cannabis Wraps (tough, durable paper made from recycled materials)
  • Paper made from 100% hemp plant materials is more substantial than regular rolling paper because it’s thicker and has more fiber content.
  • Seed paper
  • Rice paper

Weed Rolling Paper Alternatives


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The corn husk method is an alternative way to smoke Cannabis that is the most efficient and rewarding. However, this method takes longer and can be challenging to master.

How to use a corn husk to smoke Cannabis ;

1. Dampen the corn husk with water to make it more pliable.

2. Fold the husk open, filling it with Cannabis flowers or buds, and roll them tightly in the husk until they are fully covered.

3. Allow to dry. Light up and Enjoy

Gum wrappers

The paper chewing gum wrapper is a great smoking alternative for cannabis. It’s discreet and easy to use. You can roll up your Weed and put it inside the wrapper to smoke it like a cigarette.

Smoking Cannabis in a paper chewing gum wrapper is not recommended for beginners because it is tricky and requires an understanding of how to roll a cigar or blunt cigar.

Hemp Wraps

If you want to try something new, why not try rolling your Cannabis in Hemp Wraps? This method is an excellent way to enjoy the benefits of hemp without the harsh odor that joints can leave behind. You won’t even taste the difference!

Smoking Weed in a blunt wrap is the perfect way to enjoy and experience the soothing and flavorful benefits of Marijuana.

The blunt wraps are similar to cigar wraps, and they are made of hemp paper that holds the Cannabis tightly without allowing any smoke through. When you inhale through them, they are said to give a smooth hit with no coughing or stinging on your throat, compared to joints that produce too much smoke.

Rose petal blunts

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Rolling up a joint with rose petals will create lovely scents and flavors for the Marijuana.

To roll the blunt, you need some rose petals. You can also pick them up from your garden or at flower shops. Pick out the biggest petals and ensure they are intact because they can be damaged easily.

If you want to roll a joint with Rose petals, the best way is to use a flat and wide plate. A flat surface will allow you to form the joint and prevent it from collapsing.

It is easiest to overlay paper with rose petals, roll the joint, and remove the paper. However, you can achieve similar results without the paper. All it takes is a little patience and practice.

How to roll a joint using Rose petals

Step 1: Spread out your Rose petals over the surface of the rolling paper.

Step 2: Place about an inch of Cannabis bud in the middle of the rolling paper.

Step 3: Roll up the paper firmly around the Cannabis bud.

Step 4: Once you have done so, start rolling towards one end of the rolling paper until it is completely rolled up, but keep it tight enough so that it doesn’t unroll during use.

Step 5: Light one end and hold it over your palm until it’s lit up. Then, light your other hand and take a few puffs from both hands at once before smoking from both ends simultaneously.

Empty a Cigarette

If you enjoy your Cannabis on the go, all you need is an empty cigarette and a lighter to get the process started.

People choose to smoke Cannabis using an Empty Cigarette because it is easy and discreet. You can use it anywhere and anytime without drawing attention to yourself.

If you’re planning on smoking Cannabis with your friends or at a party, you can use this method to get high quickly and discretely.

Onion Skin

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The Onion Skin is an easy and efficient way to smoke Cannabis without using a pipe or bong. It is a cheap alternative to smoking Cannabis because you can make it with just an onion skin and a paper towel.

Bamboo Rolling Paper

Bamboo membranes are a great alternative to traditional rolling papers. 

While they might not be as strong as Cannabis rolling papers, bamboo membranes produce a much smoother smoke that is still effective for getting high.

Bamboo is made from organic sources and can be used in many ways. It is thicker than regular paper, softer, and more durable.

Many people have switched to bamboo membranes due to their eco-friendly qualities and ability to produce a smoother smoke than other Cannabis. 

Non-Paper Weed Smoking

As Cannabis becomes more widely available, we are increasingly finding new (and improving old) ways of consuming it. 

Specific methods are relatively cheap and can be made with household items. Others, such as Vapes and Dab Rigs, may require additional equipment.