A to Z Guide to Indica Cannabis Strains in Canada

Indica is one of the most popular strains in the world. Indica strain is growing faster compared to others. In reality, the Indica strain is a relaxing and soothing one. In botanical terms, Indica cannabis has short growth cycles. Indica cannabis grows short, and it has a thick layer. A cooler climate is perfect for its growth cycles.

Differences Between Indica and Sativa

In the world of cannabis, people associate the term Indica with laziness and deep relaxation. When you take Indica Strain, it helps you to feel better, more relaxed and not think about anything at all. Sativa strain, in general, gives cerebral high. It provides a better physical high if we compare it to the Indica strain. 

History of cannabis Indica

Everything started in the 18th century. In 1875, French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck identified a particular strain as a different species. That’s when we first met the term ‘Cannabis Indica”. The current classification of Indica Cannabis plants was first mentioned in 1974 by the American biologist Richard Evans Schultes. Indica cannabis plant (current classification) is found in Afghanistan. 

Who Uses Indica Strains?

People use Indica strains for medical purposes. Keep in mind that Indica strain (current version) was found in central Asia, so medical benefits are not a big surprise. The medical effects of Indica weed come from the chemical profile of a particular strain. The higher the CBD content in Cannabis Indica, the better to use for inducing sleep and getting the body relaxed.

What are the effects of Indica?

As mentioned above, Indica strain plants have bigger and fuller leaves. Keep in mind that each plant produces nugs with strain-specific effects. People who take the Indica strain regularly describe different effects. They say that the Indica strain may have different effects on a different moods:

  • loose muscle, not wanting to leave a bed
  • Couch lock when you feel still and stay in the moment
  • Expecting big desire to eat (so-called munchies)
  • Lifting anxiety right away

Indica strain has a ‘sleepy’ function. Why your brain feels sleepy when taking Indica must have a deeper understanding. Humans produce cannabinoids, but in the Indica strain, these compounds convert from CBG to CBD and THC to CBN, leading to a sleepy mood.

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