Alien Breath (AAAA) *smalls/popcorn*

THC 25%


EffectsBody High, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Tingly
RelieveAnxiety, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Nausea, Stress
AromasPine, Sour, Sweet, Woody
Bud SizeSmalls/Popcorn

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Alien Breath cannabis strain is an evenly balanced blend of decadent genes. Along with a fruity, zesty overtone, waves of deep OG can be detected. This strain thrives best indoors. Alien Breath is suitable for daytime and evening usage. Alien Breath cannabis strain’s high offers robust effects that remind one of a Kush experience, bringing sleepy and relaxed happiness from head to toe. Lineage: Alien Breath cannabis strain is a cross between POGO (Purple Alien OG x Goji OG) and Berry Breath (Blackberry x Grateful Breath) cannabis strains. Alien Breath has been described as the ideal way to end your day, with effects that bring you to a happy yet very tired place. Tingles will travel your body from head to toe, and while you may notice a bit of the giggles, the overwhelming theme of the high is to sleep. Again, depending on exact THC levels and your own personal tolerance, this strain may give you some pep in your step before you settle in for the night, or you could wind up hugging your pillow half an hour after your first toke. Our best advice is to tread carefully with this one.

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