Pineapple Express (AAA)


Effects: Energizing, Euphoria, Focus
May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Nightmares
Aromas: Citrus, Pine, Pineapple, Sweet, Tropical


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Pineapple Express is a Sativa dominant strain with a 60:40 sativa/indica ratio. The strain is quite popular and has achieved recognition thanks to the stoner film of the same name. However, you have to keep in mind that the strain is not as intense as the movie has made it out to be. But Pineapple Express still manages to offer a mild and nice body-numbing buzz, which is something to look forward to. The strain is offered in the form of well-weighed nuggets that look like Styrofoam popcorn. It does not taste sweet, but it does smell funky with its citrus overtones. The taste is quite extraordinary with a hint of pineapple while you inhale. Pineapple Express is chosen to treat a lot of medical problems including anxiety and stress. However, it is even more effective at curing the symptoms of chronic depression at the same time. If you are suffering from mild pains and aches, you should look no further. After a smoke, you will realize Pineapple Express is calming and stimulating at the same time. Not only will it heighten all your senses but you will feel energized all the while observing an increase in focus, awareness and creativity.

33 reviews for Pineapple Express (AAA)

  1. Marcus

    Nice pineapple aroma!!! Taste is pure. Nice sized sticky but firm nugs.

  2. Stefan Andrews

    Soooo good! Especially after a bit of extra cure with 62% Definitely recommend!

  3. 604girl

    Bovedas. Do not forget to order a couple bovedas, and you got yourself some decent smoke right here! I love the fruity taste, I love the solid buds…I’ve ordered pounds from Topshelfbc and I’m 100% comfortable trusting these guys cause they have never disappointed. Highly recommended, hope they stay around forever

  4. HockeyBalboa

    The smell and taste of this are both amazing. Some gorgeous buds in the ounce. Perfect potency for the strain type!

    Order this… that’s all.

  5. 4everrollin

    Beautiful buds, large and medium mostly. The terps are thru the roof on this; it has a very strong, sweet pina colada smell. Very nice taste too. More of a sativa dom hybrid imo. Will def order again once it’s restocked.

  6. kktzspam

    Big sticky nugs that have a really strong sweet Hawaiian smell came in my Oz. Potency is great and provides me a nice uplifting high. Loving the batch and strain.

  7. edgreen73

    really nice strain, nice bud, nice aroma and taste. i order here regularly, excellent service, speedy delivery. I’ve never been disappointed.

  8. Peter Sabapathy

    Dense nugs and sticky buds. Leans more towards the Indica side I found.

  9. nicholas.gardiner1

    For sure smells like pineapple, mediocre high, good quality smoke, and mediocre visual appeal due to sugar leaves that flake off easily and aren’t a nice smoke by themselves.

  10. Highpocket

    The Smell and taste on this batch are incredible! Nice dense nugs that have good moisture content. An awesome Hybrid heady high that doesn’t take you out. Very Enjoyable.

  11. HockeyBalboa

    Tried the newer batch and it did not disappoint. Still a great smell and the buds are denser and stickier for sure.

  12. Sting

    Great nose and taste, love this during the day!

  13. RM

    Great smell and potency. I’ve had better, wouldn’t buy for this price again.

  14. Shadow

    Great mix of big beautiful buds and mid/smalls in my QP. Intoxicating nose, relaxed, happy, clear-headed, and euphoric high. 🙂

  15. DaddyBurBerry

    Incredible. Makes life seem so much better. One of the best strains for depression in my mind. The high is quite psychadelic, and really enhances things like music and movies. Great to have with friends. If you try this on your first time you will love cannabis forever.

  16. Bitmoniker

    This is the end of April 2021 batch and it doesn’t disappoint. Wow is this stuff ever terpy. The fruit smell over powers any and all in my weed closet.

    I find this to be a bit smoother of a smoke than the last batch and this came at a good price as part of the current fruit 2 0z bundle.

    Cure is good, buds have a decent amount of stickiness although the trim could be a bit better I think that’s what you’d expect and this is a solid AAA for sure. Potency isn’t lacking in the least.

  17. CD and AR

    Had the last batch of this but it was phenomenal the taste was great and smoked great had ash. Very good high puts u in a great mood . this wont be beat for the price

  18. AlbertaBest

    some of the nicest smelling buds very terpy and sticky
    vapes great in my newvape flowerpot actual fruity taste

  19. wynonaguiboche78

    By far my favourite strain on top shelf bc! Pineapple Express has a very unique and sweet smell, and the taste as well is very pleasing. I will definitely be ordering alot more of it as well. Thanks top shelf for supplying such great bud

  20. Fadi Al Shikh

    buds have a decent amount of stickiness although the trim could be a bit better I think that’s what you’d expect and this is a solid AAA for sure

  21. dobbin1984

    I have to leave another review cuz this stuff just keeps getting better and better with every batch it smokes phenomenal perfectly white ash and super smooth inhale to go with the great smell and excellent high . A Very good version of pineapple express and just cant be beat for this price

  22. RastaBeary

    This one is meant to party hard with and do some socializing when you want a big night out at a house party with bumping music. It’s a good strain for keeping the mood up when you’re with friends.

  23. SA

    Flavour is mad pineapple.
    Potency is not all there but it aint weak either.
    Nice buzz. pretty looking bud . Not a pure sativa buzz you feel some of the indica stone kick in as the high rolls on.

  24. bigjerk007

    not too bad. I find the buds seems alittle different than the pic, but no biggie. Very similar to the Maui Wowie I got a while back. Smoke really well, nice taste, smooth high – good for social and whatnot. Seems a little pricey for 120 / bag, but managed to use a 15$ coupon to soften the blow. Dont bother ordering Bovedas though, everyone I order has been dry (all rocky) once i receive it.

  25. Cass Bush

    Really nice buds. The smell, feel and buzz are good but I am giving 3 stars for the amount of seeds I am finding. Pulled 4 seeds out of a half gram bud. Good looking seeds though! If I could, I would give it closer to a $ star rating for the quality seeds I have found so far :0)

  26. bigjerk007

    2nd bag for me!! Love this stuff, tastes great, nioce flavor and great daytime high for me. A steal at 60$ a bag!! Thanks TSBC!!

  27. JulienPizza

    Great taste and the batch was sticky

  28. S A

    Tried this new batch and I really loved it. Truly delicious bud amazing smell , taste and high!

  29. thisguyluo86

    Beautiful big nugs, delicious taste and happy high

  30. bigjerk007

    Fantastic – 3rd time ordering it – same as it was in the past. I should just bite the bullet and order a QP next time. Thanks guys!!!

  31. bigjerk007

    Big buds indeed! Great value and smoke, thanks TSBC!

  32. MC

    Solid daytime strain, with an uplifting high that has a pretty unique feeling in both the mind and body. Flavour is more impressive than the smell might suggest. Thank you!

  33. Chris D

    I agree this is a good daytime strain. Nothing to overwhelming and keeps you functional. The most impressive part is the nugs. These must have been monsters before drying. I wish I could tell people that I grew them.

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