Big Guide to Magic Shrooms – Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada 2022

Big Guide to Magic Shrooms - Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada 2022

So, you want to buy magic mushrooms. Let’s talk about them. Since Canadian law made shrooms legal in 2019, they’ve become a popular way to get high thanks to their psychedelic effects.

If you’ve never tried magic shrooms before, then you probably wonder things like “where can I buy shrooms?”. If you have taken them before, there are still some questions you might have. Like, “where do shrooms come from?”.

As more questions about shrooms are always being asked, we’ve put together this definitive guide to magic mushrooms in 2022, to answer everything you might want to know about shrooms.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Before you even think about going to buy magic mushrooms or any psychedelic drug for that matter, you need to understand what they are, and where do you get shrooms?

Magic mushrooms are hallucinogenic plants that can be found growing in the wild. As they’ve become popular for recreational use, magic mushrooms are also now artificially cultivated and grown to create different effects.

Eating things that grow on the ground, in the dirt, is rarely ever a good idea…so are shrooms safe? Actually, yes, they are. Magic mushrooms are rarely harmful by themselves, and accident or injury is usually due to erratic behavior while hallucinating.

Even before they were commercialized and sold in the west for you to buy magic mushrooms, they have been used and revered by indigenous tribes. The hallucinations they give are believed to be visions from the gods and hold encoded messages or warnings about future events.

Obviously, you can’t go into the woods and pick up a random mushroom hoping to get high. How to tell if mushrooms are psychedelic? Magic mushrooms have a distinct appearance depending on their species – the way to tell magic mushrooms from normal mushrooms is by looking at the underside of the shrooms, or their ‘gills’.

What Happens When You Eat Magic Mushrooms?

As we mentioned, shrooms are hallucinogenic drugs. But that’s a pretty broad term and can mean a lot of things. What happens when you eat magic mushrooms?
Shortly after eating magic mushrooms, you’ll start to have some mental and some physical side effects. Let’s start with the physical side effects first as these are the most obvious to the naked eye.

One physical side effect is that shrooms can make you feel sleepy. As for mental side effects, there are of course the hallucinations. You might also start to feel giggly, and a bit more hyper than you did before. It’s a similar effect to drinking alcohol, and they may also make you more social than normal.

How Shrooms Work

We know what sort of side effects magic mushrooms can give you now, so now it’s important to understand how shrooms work before buying magic mushrooms.
Magic mushrooms contain a chemical that scientists call psilocybin. In fact, any fungi that contains this chemical can be classified as a shroom, even if it doesn’t have enough psilocybin to give you hallucinations.

For this chemical to take effect, you need to take magic mushrooms orally, and it’s as simple as eating the shrooms as they are.

Can you take shrooms after eating? Sure, it won’t have any negative effects. The only difference will be that depending on how much you ate, it might take longer for the hallucinogenic effects of the magic mushrooms to set in. Having a full stomach can delay the shrooms by about 2 hours.

Big Guide to Magic Shrooms – Conclusion

To sum it all up then, the appeal of how shrooms work is what can draw first time users to buy magic mushrooms. If you’re interested in mushrooms, it’s important to research about them before you commit to buying a specific product.

It’s also important to make sure that you’re buying shrooms from a reputable dispensary. Make sure to check reviews and social media posts to make sure that the dispensaries are ethical and responsible, and also aren’t trying to give you a bad deal.

Thanks for reading our guide to buying magic shrooms in Canada in 2022 and remember to stay safe when using magic mushrooms.

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