Steps to Rolling a Joint in 2022 – Easy Guide from TopShelfBC

Steps to Rolling a Joint in 2022 - Easy Guide from TopShelfBC

Your first-time buying weed to smoke is exciting. Smoking a joint is one of the best ways to experience cannabis, as it’s classic and has some of the most potent effects. You might be surprised to find though that there aren’t many guides that have the steps to rolling a joint.

This is because how to roll weed is assumed to be easy for everyone…and sure, you can try it yourself for your first time. But not knowing how to roll a proper joint might mean you’re not making the most of the high-quality weed you’ve bought.

This easy guide will give you the steps to rolling a joint in 2022, from our experts here at TopShelfBC.

What Do You Need to Roll a Joint?

If you’re not sure how to roll a joint or how to roll weed, don’t worry – it’s a less common skill than you might be led to believe, so you’re not alone.

Let’s start by understanding what exactly a joint is, and what do you need to roll a joint? A joint is a mixture of cannabis and tobacco, wrapped up in cigarette rolling paper. The joint also has a filter, similar to a cigarette. It can be hard to distinguish a rolled cigarette from a joint at first glance.

If you’re a novice when it comes to smoking weed, you might be thinking that that sounds like a lot of effort. It can be, and for your first time learning how to roll weed, it can be frustrating. That’s one of the downsides to rolling a joint.

One of the upsides, however, is that it allows you to control how much cannabis and how much tobacco is in your joint. You can have whatever ratio you want, and whatever strength you want to have. You can also control the quality of tobacco and cannabis that goes into your joint.

How to Fold a Joint Filter

One of the most important parts of the joint is the filter. It might seem small and insignificant but learning how to fold a joint filter and how to use them properly is essential to rolling a joint.

The joint filter has a couple of functions. For one, it makes rolling easier. By giving the joint a solid object to roll the paper around, the joint will be wrapped tighter and be more likely to stay together.

Another important thing that a joint filter does is protect you from injury. The filter acts as a barrier between the burning joint and your hand.

When it comes to making a joint filter, you’ll need some stiff paper or some other form of material that’s thicker than paper, but not as thick as cardboard. The material needs to be easily rollable.

From here, the easiest method for how to fold a joint filter is to roll the paper tightly into a small cylinder. You then can put the filter on the paper and roll the joint around this filter.

How to Roll Weed with Rolling Paper

So, you’ve got your filter and your tobacco and cannabis mixture. Now it’s time to learn how to roll weed with rolling paper.

Using rolling paper designed for joints or cigarettes is important for one big reason: safety. This paper is designed to burn up properly and not release any toxic chemicals while burning or when you inhale. It also burns slowly and in a controlled way, making it less likely to burn out of control.

When rolling a joint and learning how to roll weed, it’s important to remember not to overfill the joint. If the paper won’t roll over the joint without forcing it, then you need to take out some tobacco or take out weed from the joint.

To roll a joint, simply hold the rolling paper between your index finger and your thumb by pinching one end of it so that it is curved. At the end closest to your thumb, put the joint filter.

Then, spread the tobacco and cannabis and finally roll up the joint and finally seal. And that’s how to roll weed with rolling paper!

Steps to Rolling a Joint – Closing Thoughts

To bring it all together, rolling a joint is hard to find a clear guide for, but is easy once you get the hang of it. Remember the essential parts, which are your weed, your tobacco, your rolling paper, and your filter, and also don’t rush! Your first few joints are going to suck, but it’s part of the learning process.

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