Bubba God (AAAA+) By Bubba Kings

THC 31-33%


About Bubba Kings:

Bubba Kings is dedicated to furthering and supporting the concept of craft cannabis growing in all aspects of its operation, from seed to smoke. Therefore, we respect the artistry and workmanship that goes into Cannabis growing, and all the products that could be produced from the cannabis plant.

Our Story

We believe in continuous innovation and strict health standards. With that in mind, we created lab-grade grow facilities that are completely isolated and up to standard to prevent any pests from entering. Using only select genetics, we breed Canada’s Finest strains over the past 22 years.

22 years ago, the first seed was planted to create what is now known in the Vancouver Area as the most potent strains you could possibly try. Our team of visionaries have an unbeatable track record of high-quality products and have extensive experience in emerging markets.

EffectsRelaxed, Euphoric, Happy
RelievePain, Stress, Depression
AromasEarthy, Herbal, Pungent, Skunky, Gassy
Bud SizeMedium to Large

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Bubba God, also known as God’s Bubba, is an Indica dominant strain. Created by British Columbia-based breeder Jordan of the Islands by crossing God Bud and the old classic Pre-98 Bubba Kush.  The buds have a compact Indica structure with an oval-shaped form. It has an earthy aroma that is grassy which is what we’ve come to love from this strain. Indica lovers rejoice, for Bubba God by Bubba Kings is here to offer thorough and long-lasting physical relaxation. If God smoked weed, this is the strain God would choose!

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