Cannabis Edible Dose Guide in 2022

Cannabis Edible Dose Guide in 2022

So, you’ve done the research, picked a great cannabis edible product, and you’re ready to begin 2022 by trying some edibles…there’s one thing that you might have forgotten about though. The answer to an important question; how much edibles should I take?

If you want to learn how to dose safely, you’re in the right place; this article will give you the answers to how much edibles to take, and more questions you might have.

How Much Edible to Eat?

When trying cannabis edibles, controlling the dosage is important to staying safe and having a good time. Too little, and the cannabis won’t have any effect making what should be a fun experience into something kind of boring.

Take too many though and you could end up feeling pretty sick or even cause serious harm to yourself.

When considering how much edible to take, always consult the cannabis product label. This will usually tell you how many edibles are recommended to take per dose.

Sometimes this can be confusing though; as product labels might list the edibles dose in mg instead of individual portions of edible.

Edible dose

To find out how many mg are in an edible you can check a few places. Sometimes it’s also listed on the label, but if not, it will be on the product’s online webpage. There might also be a leaflet included with the product which will inform you of the edible doses.

For your first dose, you should take less than you think you need. From here, you can take more if you feel like it’s not having an effect.

You shouldn’t take more than the max recommended edibles mg, which will also be listed on the jar.

How Many Mg of Edible Should You Eat?

Edibles come in different mg doses. One of the most common doses of an edible is 10mg, which is a good amount for a beginner.

Is 10mg enough edible? Well for your very first edible dose, it’s a good idea to try half of a 10mg dose of edibles. You can do this by cutting the edible in half, and taking just one half for your first dose.

Then, once you’ve given that time to take effect, you can take the other half if you would like a stronger high.

50mg edibles are less common, and usually only available only by looking specifically for this dosage.

A 50mg edible is only recommended for people who have taken edibles before. As before, for your first time taking this dose, you should still start with half of the edible and then take more afterward if you feel like you can.

So if those are the mg suitable for a beginner and an average user, then how many mg edible for a stoner?

A 250mg edible is one of the strongest varieties you can get, and should only be taken if you’re a regular user of cannabis edibles.

For most users, 250mg is enough to induce some of the negative side effects of THC such as anxiety and insomnia. Overtime by taking enough edibles, you might build a tolerance to lower doses.

This is why experienced users will be able to take doses much higher than the recommended, and even then it should be done carefully and gradually.

Cannabis Edible Dose – Final Thoughts

In summary, the most important thing to remember when taking a cannabis edible dose is to stay safe. Read the instructions of the edible product before taking it, and listen to your body. If you begin to feel unwell, then stop taking edibles straight away and don’t take more for at least a few hours.

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