The ChronFather vs Top Shelf BC: Which Online Dispensary is Better?

The ChronFather vs Top Shelf BC: Which Online Dispensary is Better?

Finding a reliable online weed delivery service can be tough, but don’t worry! I’m here to help you with all of that since I have plenty of experience with most of the companies you’ll come across. I’m somebody who has been smoking weed for as long as I can remember, and ever since it was legalized in Canada, it only made sense to test some from all over the country!

Today, I’m going to be comparing two of my favorite weed delivery services found online: The Chronfather and Top Shelf BC. Both of them are great in their way, but which one is the best? Read through this review and see for yourself – if you feel like I’ve made a mistake along the way, feel free to leave a comment!

Product Range/Quality

The Chronfather

The Chronfather has over 30 strains to choose from including Indica, Sativa, and even Hybrid types. They offer a significant number of strains, and they even give customers a chance to purchase large amounts if they’d like (up to an ounce!). There are AA to AAAA strains available, with some “premium options” like Blue Rhino exclusively available on their website.

When a website offers both AA and AAAA strains, it means they’re trying to appeal to the larger crowd – some websites will focus on “craft weed” and push away other users. Thankfully, Chronfather has something for everybody and offers the kind of quality you’re looking for, regardless of what you want. 

Top Shelf BC

Top Shelf BC does just as good of a job, if not better! They have 20+ strains to choose from and tend to focus on cheap (yet high-quality) options for the everyday smoker. LSO (living soil organic) strains are constantly added to the menu, giving customers a chance to test out some of the most potent strains around. Of course, they also feature cheaper strains for people who just want to mellow out a bit. 

Top Shelf does a slightly better job of providing valued strains and constantly updates their catalog, so odds are you’re going to see a few strains come and go while shopping with them (which sucks but think of it as a special treat!). 


The Chronfather

The Chronfather offers both expensive and affordable weed, as they have several $99 ounces available. I tend to stay away from the cheaper weed, but it’s always nice to have for those who enjoy saving some money. When you want to purchase the best weed available, you’ll be spending about $240 to $280 for an ounce – this is slightly more expensive than Top Shelf BC, and I’m not entirely sure if it’s worth it. 

With that being said, the $99 ounces are tough to pass out, but just know that they aren’t going to be big buds of craft weed (not even close, as a matter of fact).

They also have a minimum order of $200, which means you won’t even be able to buy weed from them if you’re only looking for a smaller amount. That in itself is a bit of an issue because not everybody is looking to purchase ounces at a time – unless you’re getting ridiculously priced weed, $200 is going to be at least an ounce (or two) with every order. 

Top Shelf BC

Top Shelf does a fantastic job of competing with The Chronfather by providing some of the same strains they feature at a cheaper price, with plenty of mix and match options to choose from. Cheap weed available in wide varieties? Sign me up! They also have more expensive and premium strains, it’s a great price to pay when you consider the fact that the weed is always good, and is grown by certified farmers from Canada. 

Top Shelf also does a great job of providing affordable weed strains that don’t completely suck! Some of the deals I’ve found on there were not only surprising when it came to price, but I was also surprised as to how good some of the cheaper weed was. 

There is no minimum order, although you will get free shipping on everything above  $150! This is perfect for those of us who enjoy spending a decent amount of money on weed but also splurge for free shipping once in a while. 

Shipping/Customer Service

The Chronfather

The Chronfather has been given good reviews for the most part, but I’ve had a few experiences where people told me the customer support employee yelled at them on the phone! Maybe they were just having a bad day, but regardless, that’s something you’ll want to take note of before ordering from their website.

There is a fixed ship fee and that means there isn’t a threshold to meet for free shipping, which is another red flag I took note of. Chronfather does a great job of providing customers with plenty of strains to choose from and even keeps some affordable, but the shipping prices are abysmal.

The shipping time didn’t take too long, although I wasn’t a fan of the customer service – it’s also important to note the lack of a point system with Chronfather. Why wouldn’t you implement some sort of reward system so that I have more reason to keep shopping? 

Top Shelf BC

Top Shelf BC was great when it came to both customer service and shipping, I especially enjoy the free shipping on all orders above $150. Whenever I was ordering at least a half-ounce or above, I felt like I was getting a great deal because I didn’t have to pay extra for shipping; the shipping time was incredibly quick as well. It only took a few days to get from BC to where I’m located in Ontario, and I was very satisfied with that. I got to smoke quicker than I usually do!

Top Shelf BC also features a point system, which is what I thought was ridiculous when shopping on Chronfather. When you don’t have a point system in place, it makes all of my purchases feel useless – sure, I’m getting weed, but I can get that anywhere! Top Shelf BC rewards users with points for every purchase, and now and then offers a promotion where you can earn even more than usual.

I can shop for weed and earn more free weed when I use Top Shelf BC, which is something I cannot do at The Chronfather. That alone is enough for me to lean more towards Top Shelf BC, but personal experience is always better than simply reading a review (sometimes).

Customer Reviews

The Chronfather

The Chronfather doesn’t have bad customer service by any means, and as a matter of fact, they’ve been around for a long time. That is enough to know that they provide a solid service, but I just don’t think that it’s any better than Top Shelf BC. The Customer Reviews for The Chronfather are nothing but positive, although a few of them also talked about getting “yelled at” by the customer support worker.

I’m sure they’ve replaced that worker by now, and other than that, I had a relatively solid experience with using their online weed delivery service. The weed came quickly and they even offered me a tracking number to keep tabs on the package!

Customers’ have good things to say about The Chronfather, but it never hurts to switch things up and try something else (especially if they offer a better deal). 


“Great weed and great prices, nothing bad to say about it over my man” – Curtis L., Vancouver, BC

“Gotta love it eh!” – Carl C., Calgary, AB

“Good weed at good prices but I had to wait a little longer than I wanted…” Sarah H., Toronto, ON

Top Shelf BC

Customers are happy with not only the selection of strains available at Top Shelf but also the prices that come along with it. Some services will gouge customers whenever they get a chance and milk them for money, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. 

Top Shelf BC put its best foot forward in every aspect of the weed delivery game, and the customer reviews are a testament to that. While other dispensaries are busy trying to bury their lackluster reviews, Top Shelf will just let what people have to say about them shine! They aren’t hiding anything and just want to provide customers with a reliable weed delivery service, regardless of where you’re located in Canada. 


“Top Shelf BC offers some of the best weed I’ve ever had at an amazing price.. 5/5” – Dominick K., Kelowna, BC

“THANK YOU SO MUCH Top Shelf! I finally have a place to buy my weed from with peace” – Amir Z., Toronto, ON

“If you want to know the weed you’re getting is good and not overpriced, there’s no better place to be than Top Shelf BC” – Percy M., Ottawa, ON

Conclusion: Top Shelf BC is the Winner

Top Shelf BC is my clear-cut winner when it comes to this debate, although I wouldn’t mind hearing what people have to say about The Chronfather as well. I’m never one to simply shush away the competition, especially if they have something to offer, but Top Shelf BC is doing everything that Chronfather can but better (in my opinion). 

If you had to pick between one of the two, I would argue that you’re going to have a better experience by shopping with Top Shelf BC. 

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