Marijuana and Sports – Facts only!

Marijuana and Sports - Facts only!

At first glance, Marijuana and sports are two mutually exclusive things. However, everything is not as it seems at first glance, and in this article, we will prove it. No assumptions, just the bare facts.

Marijuana is not a road to disqualification.

According to the WADA classification, cannabinoids are class S8 doping substances. Relatively recently, their allowable dosage increased almost ten times. And this means that they have practically ceased to be considered doping. Now athletes can safely compete without the risk of disqualification, even if they used Marijuana a few days before.

Dry Inflorescences help muscles.

Marijuana can benefit sports lovers. It can relieve muscle pain that occurs after diligent and exhausting workouts. In this case, we are talking about dried inflorescences. It’s a fact that dry inflorescences relax the muscles, making it easier to endure fatigue. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the emotional and psychological state of the athlete, improving mindset.

Hemp gym

All official research by doctors and scientists regarding Marijuana is in the public domain. They can be easily found on the websites of various medical organizations. Therefore, it is not surprising that recently in California (the state where Marijuana is fully legalized), the world’s first Cannabis Gym was opened.

The idea came from Jimmy McAlpine, who decided to use specific strains of Marijuana to improve focus on results in the gym and deeper relaxation during the rest period. Jimmy says that he challenges the world by dispelling the myth that cannabis lovers are considered lazy, lying on the couch all day. However, the club’s rules emphasize that not all people can benefit from the tandem of Marijuana and sports since everything largely depends on the body’s characteristics.

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