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Nepalese Temple Hash dates back thousands of years to Lebanon and Nepal, where the annual cannabis harvest was concentrated and cured for storage to last until the next harvest season. Nepalese Temple Hash is a fully decarboxylated whole-plant cannabis concentrate with high a THC percent that ranges from 50-60%. These balls produce a potent, aromatic, and flavored texture. They are prepared with Resins, which are first dried. The dried resins are then rolled upon hands. As a result of rolling, the THC is activated and a powdery material is formed, which sticks after some time. Their color ranges from dark brown on the outside to red-brown inside. They provide you with a feeling of highness and dream-inducing sleep. The smokers that continue taking temple balls are habitual to their effects of potent high, but new smokers can take them in small amounts just for their smell and flavored taste. Its effects are so strong that you feel sudden high very intensely.

8 reviews for Nepalese Temple Ball Hash

  1. Fadi Al Shikh

    Good Choice for sure!

  2. ChronicKush

    Nepalese Temple Ball is good hash! It is potent and delicious. It’s black right-through and very sticky when heated. It’s not the best value due to it’s premium price (compared with good $100/oz flower) but it is a luxurious treat for those that can afford it.

  3. dobbin1984

    Excellent hash very nice to smoke. worth the extra bux to have this as a treat. potent as well

  4. your-snow

    very good. burns well, a get addition to any joint

  5. ChronicKush

    Great hash! The “real deal”. I’m about to grab my 3rd ball (lol). So smooth, so tasty!

  6. karlbreault.dd

    Soft, sticky and smell like ‘hash’.
    I’m personally not a fan of hash and this impressed me for the price.
    Very good smoke, taste great and bubble. You will not regret picking this one.

  7. S

    Great hash, soft, sticky, a bit expensive, but worth it — will get you flying like a kite

  8. wmssandy

    The hash has a good buzz, but I’ve never seen hash turn too oil as soon as it’s heated and bubbles in the old days that meant there was Vaseline in it is this the same here 😡

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