Safe way to smoke in 2022

Safe way to smoke in 2022

“Smoking is dangerous to your health”, “Cigarettes cause cancer”, “Smoking kills” – all these phrases are well known to any person, regardless of whether he/she smokes or not. 

The World Health Organization has ruled that warning phrases about the dangers of smoking and frightening photographs of the lungs of a smoker occupied at least 30% of the area of ​​a pack of cigarettes, however, as practice shows, many people continue to smoke, perfectly aware of the danger of their actions.

What is a cigarette made of?

An ordinary cigarette in the process of smoking can be divided into three zones: 

  • The smoldering zone, 
  • The pyrolysis zone
  • The distillation zone. 

The smoldering zone is the area connecting directly to the glowing end of the cigarette, its temperature can exceed 700ºC. It is followed by – pyrolysis zone, the temperature of which varies from about 400 to 700ºC. It is this area of ​​the cigarette that researchers call the “chemical factory” – here, as a result of high-temperature chemical reactions and harmful substances are formed.

What can I smoke instead of cigarettes?

Weed is always a better idea than cigarettes. In the latest research, organizations found that weed makes you feel better, is safer than cigarettes (health-wise) and you can buy it for cheap. You can take a look at the pricing of weed and you’ll be amazed how affordable TopShelfBC weed comes in a hand. 

Which is worse, a joint or a cigarette?

Marijuana or cigarettes: which is more harmful? This question sits in the minds of those who are just thinking of trying to smoke weed, and even those who have blown up another blunt more than a dozen times. Indeed, this is a controversial issue, which is argued by many scientists, people, celebrities and fans of tobacco and herbal smoking. We will go through many reasons why joints are better than cigarettes.

Let’s get straight to the facts!

Mortality – World health Organization claims that up to 7 million people a year die from tobacco smoking. There has not been a single death from weed in the entire history as we know.

Diseases – Tobacco smoke contains N-nitrosamines, which cause many irreversible changes in the lungs. Cannabis does not contain N-nitrosamines, and therefore has less effect on the respiratory tract and organs.

Impact on cells – Nicotine and carcinogens are the main causative agents of cancer cells. Substances contained in marijuana of the first grade, on the contrary, are capable of destroying up to 50% of a cancerous tumor, and this has been proven by real-life studies.

Addiction – There are no truly addictive ingredients in weed. Unlike nicotine, completely quitting THC can at most lead to a desire to experience those emotions again, but not to withdrawal, psychosis, and other consequences.

As you see, Marijuana is way safer and better in every aspect of comparison. You may ask – can a newbie smoke a whole joint? Of course, newbies can smoke a whole joint and have fun with it. 

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