Harm of marijuana on athletes – fact or fiction?

Harm of marijuana on athletes - fact or fiction?

The negative impact of cigarettes and alcohol on the health and figure of a person, muscle mass gain and sports performance is beyond doubt. However, with cannabis, things are a bit different. Modern medicine has taken up this issue very closely, and the results of numerous studies indicate the positive effect of cannabis on athletes’ psychological and physical condition. With occasional use, Marijuana has only minor side effects that can seriously affect the health and deterioration of a person’s athletic performance.

Marijuana and Sports

Most of the old arguments in the theory of the harm of cannabis were based on the fact that it negatively affects testosterone levels. Modern research has long disproved this fact. Only an indirect relationship has been established between marijuana use and male hormone levels. We can confidently say that Marijuana still has points of contact with sports. With the proper knowledge and moderation, significant benefits can be expected from cannabis.

Muscle mass while using Marijuana

In the past few years, cannabis seed protein has begun to gain popularity in sports circles. It is actively bought by bodybuilders and other athletes who want to build muscle mass. Hemp protein has several advantages over analogues and several features that make it more effective. The digestibility of hemp protein substances reaches approximately 90%. No other type of supplements on the market can boast of this. It immediately contains eight essential amino acids for humans, B vitamins, and many trace elements necessary for people leading a sports lifestyle.

Weight loss is possible with Marijuana.

The results of many studies say one thing – people who use cannabis for recreational or therapeutic purposes are less likely to gain excessive weight, obesity and other associated diseases.

Scientists established that the action of the cannabinoids THC and CBD on the human endocannabinoid system accelerates the body’s processing of sugars and fats. Cannabis also stimulates metabolism, which prevents nutrients from accumulating in fats. If you need to lose weight, then constant training and a proper diet will be more effective with the use of Marijuana.

Healthy and sound sleep

Everyone knows that a person needs a sound and healthy sleep during intensive training. It restores strength and endurance, the working resource of muscles, and also helps to rejuvenate the body.

Sleep is an indispensable part of our life, allowing us to gain strength and energy. Recent research results have shown that cannabinoids can affect the natural sleep process, regulating the duration of its phases. This is what allows the plant to improve the quality of night rest. In addition, it is estimated that when using cannabis, people fall asleep faster by about one hour. This increases the duration of sleep in general and prolongs the specific deep phase, during which the body’s vitality is restored.

Appetite improvement

One of the famous effects of Marijuana is appetite awakening. It has such power that a person can empty the entire refrigerator in some cases. Athletes can use this side effect of cannabis to their advantage. A person actively involved in sports and trying to maintain or gain weight should eat 5-7 times a day. However, athletes often lose their appetite or completely forget to eat on time due to intense training and fatigue. With the help of Marijuana, both of these problems can be solved.

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