Having trouble sleeping? Use the best weed for insomnia

Having trouble sleeping? Use the best weed for insomnia

The incidence of insomnia seems to be increasing with every passing day. Perhaps it is our stressful lives or overindulgence in technology. As per estimates, one out of every three people faces the problem of insomnia.

The inability to have a restful sleep leads to decreased productivity at work. You are fatigued all the time, which reflects in your overall actions. You are also more prone to accidents. Indeed, the impact of insomnia is visible in every aspect of life.

These days, many endeavor to find the best weed for sleep and understandably so. Sleeping pills are addictive and also have side effects.

In contrast, the best marijuana for sleep can make things relatively more manageable for you. This one offers you a natural alternative to combat insomnia without having to rely on drugs.

Why Use The Best Cannabis For Sleep?

Perhaps you are unsure of whether using the best strain for sleep would be a suitable choice. Many people are still wary of cannabis use. 

However, the best weed for insomnia provides you with an excellent solution to your problem. The strains are most effective when your insomnia can be attributed to the following causes;

  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

The role of marijuana in dealing with sleeping problems is established via studies. A study conducted in 1973, published in the Human Pharmacology, revealed that people who were given the THC took less time to fall asleep.

Another study from 1981 also showed that people with insomnia, when given CBD were able to sleep quickly compared to others.

However, before you rush to find the best strain for insomnia, there is something you need to know. There is quite a bit of difference in various strains of cannabis.

While some induce sleep, others enhance your energy. Some strains can be quite sedative as well. Therefore, you have to be quite careful while selecting the best marijuana for sleep, lest you end up inviting more problems for yourself.

 The Best Cannabis For Sleep

Knowing the efficacy, you would undoubtedly want to get your hands on the best weed for sleep. Let us make things easier for you by listing some of the best strains that can be used to deal with insomnia.

1.    Tahoe OG Kush

If your sleeping problem stems from stress and anxiety, this would be the best strain for insomnia for you. This is because this one puts you at ease instantly.

Not only this, if you feel your appetite has decreased, you can use this marijuana. It will increase your hunger and encourage you to eat. And we don’t need to mention that it is easier to fall asleep with a well-fed stomach.

This strain is a hybrid containing a minimal amount of CBD, while the THC content is quite high. The best thing about this weed is that it relaxes your mind while uplifting your spirits. This strain will indeed prove to be a valuable ally in your war against insomnia.

2.    Afghani CBD

The reason that it is considered to be the best strain for insomnia is that it contains a high amount of CBD. Thus, it is not only relaxing but therapeutic too.

It reduces anxiety and ensures a sense of calmness prevails in your mind. It also alleviates pain and is effective in dealing with muscle spasm as well. All in all, this strain will surely make it easier for you to get your much-desired sleep.

3.    God’s Gift

If you want nothing more than a restful night of uninterrupted sleep, try out this one. However, note that this strain should only be taken close to bedtime since it is quite sedative with 27’% THC content.

This is the best strain for insomnia, mainly due to its potency. It relaxes your body to the extent that you wouldn’t even be able to move.

4.    Purple Kush

If your insomnia can be attributed to pain, this would be the best cannabis for sleep for you. This one alleviates pain like no other.

Furthermore, it stands out due to its sweet taste. If you are hesitant to try out marijuana because of the way it tastes, this one can be a good choice.

With the CBD level of less than 0.1% and THC content of 22%, this strain will function as an excellent sedative. If chronic pain has been impeding your sleep, this should be your perfect remedy.

5.    Critical Kush

With 25% THC and 15 CBD, this is another one worthy of being deemed the best strain for insomnia. However, perhaps beginners might prefer starting with something lighter.

It shows its effects quickly, which is why it is best to take this weed close to your bedtime. Once it begins its magic, you will feel a rush of happiness, and soon enough, you will fall in a deep slumber as your mind and body is put at ease.

6.    Hindu Kush

Comprising of 14% of THC content, this one can quell even the severest pain. Therefore, this is the best cannabis for sleep for those kept awake the whole night due to pain.

It is also excellent in relieving stress and induces calmness in you. It will force you to relax, thereby making fall asleep easier.

7.    Hawaiian Purple Kush

A combination of Hawaiian and Purple Kush, this strain contains low CBD content with 15% of THC. It causes muscle relaxation and also alleviates pain.

This strain works its magic by putting you in a relaxed state, making it easier for you to fall asleep. Indeed, this one can be the best strain for sleep for those suffering from chronic pain.

8.    A-10

This Indica strain comprises of high CBD and THC content. Therefore, you can be assured it would be the best weed for sleep.

It is highly effective in dealing with chronic pain and reducing anxiety. It will eliminate your sleeping problems within a short span. The long-lasting potency will make sure that you get a restful sleep throughout the night.

9.    Northern Lights

Most people consider it to be the best marijuana for sleep. This one contains merely 18% THC. However, it is exceptionally fast-acting, which is why it is preferred by the majority of people.

This one forces your body to relax and seek comfort. It fills you with positivity, keeping stress and anxiety at bay. Therefore, if you feel overthinking is what prevents you from fall asleep, this strain is a must-try.

10. Kryptonite

With high levels of THC, this one has sedating effects. It provides relaxation, which makes it easier to sleep. It also reduces pain and anxiety.

While it is indeed the best weed for insomnia, it can also cause stimulation in some. Thus, its effects vary from person to person.


Insomnia is not something that should be ignored. You need a restful night of sleep to function optimally. Using the best marijuana for sleep will ensure that you get the rest you need. Don’t hesitate as it wouldn’t cause any harm if taken in the right manner.

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